FMP: Weekly progress- week 8/deadline.

(19th June) Post-Production: L.O: 13/14- 3.1/4.1/5.1/6.1/7.1/7.2

Since this week is the final deadline, I have been purely completing my portfolio to show all my work, ensuring that all Harvard references are in place and all correct and to gather some feedback on my completed animation with all background edits and music clips inserted.

When it came to giving feedback, I firstly showed my tutor the whole thing and he gave me really positive feedback that I had made it really professional, you could see the humor in it and how I had mad the voice over my own by adding pauses and phrases that showed engagement with the audience literally. However, I had some concerns about it now because during production last week I had caught sight of everyone else’s work and their magazine spreads and own video pieces looked very professional to me compared to my animation which I openly described as ‘immature’ and ‘not really level 3 college quality’. But then he reminded me that the Sonic the hedgehog franchise does hold a lot of immaturity with the nature of some games and the level locations too. I remembered that some of the games’ plots are immature as well, consisting of Arabian nights settings, the first games with their bright colours and immature music and even the characters’ designs and variation in personalities. even after hearing this positive feedback, I still felt my piece was the quality one would expect for a level 3 journalism student but what I did realise was that I had captured the tone and the feel of Sonic games and implemented the into my animation really well. From the background edits to make them more pixel based and the score bars showing dates and chapters all the way to examining Sonic’s personality to add that to my real hedgehog via facial expressions, those were all some of my aims from the beginning of the project.

Aside from this, I have fully been focusing on completing my portfolio which outlines every little production process, decision and research methods to do with my FMP and ensuring that all Harvard references are in place and correct. I have also linked up all of my weekly blog posts to specific chapters so that those marking it can easily gain access to my weekly progress but I still hit the criteria effectively.

FMP: Weekly progress- week 8/deadline.

2 thoughts on “FMP: Weekly progress- week 8/deadline.

  1. tomrowse says:

    What I have really enjoyed about this project is that I asked you to really challenge your self with this final unit and you have exceeded my expectation: I love than you have brought together all the elements of the art/photography/visual ideas that you have discussed (your passions) and the writing/research into one very creative piece of work. It is outstanding work all the way.


  2. tomrowse says:

    Celia Visual Feedback:
    Despite your concerns Grace, I feel you have produced a very well considered submission. The tone and imagery used perfectly compliments the subject matter and graphics from that era. As a documentary, the visual aspects would definitely engage with your target audience and a more sophisticated/sleek approach wouldn’t have worked in this context.


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