FMP: Weekly progress- Week 7

(4th June) Post- Production: LO 13/14: 3.1/4.1/5.1/7.1/7.2

This week, I have now return to college from half term and have approximately two weeks until the FMP deadline and so far, all I have left to complete is animating the conclusion, post production such as adding music clips and exporting and all my evaluations and portfolio work. In relation to my production schedule, I am well on track to be completing my entire animation by the end of this week and completing paperwork and evaluations next week- which is what I am schedules to do anyway.

As for production this week, it was mainly all about animating my conclusion which basically sums up everything that has been mentioned in sync with my original hypothesis. However, when I went to edit my frames together I noticed that the same file with the rest of the animation’s frames were starting to slow down processing and importing the files a bit. Assuming that this was due to having so many frames already contained on that file. This was when I decided to at least start the conclusion chapter on a separate Premiere pro document and import in into my previous document one exported to prevent slowing the whole thing down even further and, at worst, lose frames already placed in.

As well as resolving this production obstacle, I entered the post- production process which was mainly applying the music clips into my animation. Because I want to create a suitable atmosphere for each chapter and/or subject being discussed, I have decided to use music from the games themselves to not only promote this as music from the Sonic franchise but to add a personality to the animation and make my audience more interested in it. I know that now I am reassured about using existing game content for the pure sake of my project and not promotional purposes that I am OK to use these sources in my actual piece.

Here is my final animation, completed with all production errors corrected and music inserted:

FMP animation submission

Images and in-game content used in animation:


Green Hill Zone, modern stage soundtrack: Sonic Generations (Sonic team, 2011)

kingdom valley stage soundtrack: Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 (Sonic team, 2006)

Main menu theme (Nintendo DS version): Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games (SEGA, 2008)

‘Save the Speech’ cutscene soundtrack: Sonic Unleashed (Sonic team, 2008)

Retro video game sound effects video (Brand name Audio, 2016)

After my entire animation was completed, I asked my tutor for some feedback on it and he gave me really positive feedback on it that he was really impressed with the quality of the animation and how I had managed to deliver my information across in the way I had done so. I also showed it to one of the other media tutors and he seemed really impressed with it too and he said how he liked how the animation flowed well and the humor that I added in it too.

As next week is my deadline week for the entire FMP, I can confidently say that I am well on track with my progress and ensuring everything is in place to be handed in. However, I do still have a lot to do next week with regards to my portfolio, evaluations and references and ensuring everything to do with them are completed, in place and of a high quality.


References (Including video/storyboard images and in-game music content):

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Sonic Team (2006) Sonic the Hedgehog [Video game]. SEGA.

Sonic Team (2008) Sonic Unleashed [Video game]. SEGA.

FMP: Weekly progress- Week 7

One thought on “FMP: Weekly progress- Week 7

  1. tomrowse says:

    Visual choices in animation and the attention to detail are outstanding. Excellent script comes through: full of clear information, humour and nuance, good style of delivery and solid journalism. Your enthusiasm for the subject and the form shines through. Imaginative and creative approach to narrative and theme – full of original ideas and creative touches. Use of music is excellent and adds to the overall viewing experience.

    There is clear evidence throughout this process of a student pushing themselves and experimenting to fulfil a challenging brief.

    the blog also demonstrates evidence of initiative in effectively solving issues and glitches.

    A painstaking process is clearly rewarded: for both the creator and the viewer.


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