FMP: Weekly progress- week 6/half term

(22nd May) Production- LO: 3.1/4.1/5.1/7.1/7.2:

This week, I have been continuing with my animation using the Adobe Photoshop and Premiere Pro software where I have fully concentrated on chapter 3 which is how Nintendo’s relationship with SEGA and the hedgehog has changed over the years. However, I have made the decision a few weeks go to cut the majority of this chapter’s voice-over since I was going over my animations intended time per chapter and running out of production time to complete it all. It was mainly this chapter I wanted to trim down because I could still state what I wanted to say in my piece with a shorter version unlike the other chapters. Although this obviously made me a little more unsatisfied with chapter 3 as a whole, it still portrayed some information I researched and the animation quality was greater as a result of not rushing to get it all completed. I also know for sure that once I add the music clips and video transitions, it will look and feel more professional and give more emotion to it and engage my target audience more.

However, I have completed chapter 3, 4 and 5 storyboards before commencing on my animating process:



This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Aside from this, I have managed to complete chapter 3 entirely during the week before half term including voice overs for that part. On the subject of voice overs, my tutor had given me feedback over the weeks of production that the voice overs were very clear and professional. And although I was advised to try using different people talking in my animation, he thought that I should leave mine as it was since I had got it really well. I personally didn’t really want to include more than one person talking either since I am planning to use music clips as well so I didn’t want to overwhelm the piece too much for my audience.

However, I overhead another student talking about her voice overs for her work and I mentioned some of the skills we learned last year that could possibly help her with them. My tutor then suggested that because of my voice overs, we both look at each other’s pieces and see what we liked about them but also improve on. Obviously because of the themes and natures of our projects, both of our voice overs will be very different regarding delivery but we could both share tips in the future on reducing background noise and improving sound quality.

Half term:

Over the half term break, I set myself the tasks of: completing chapter 4 (which I had started in college before the break) and finally completing my character mood board which mainly contains images of my project’s main protagonist and shows the audience how I have still kept my real hedgehog representation recognizable and other aspects such as representing his attitude and  facial expressions. I have also included an example for which I have used inspiration for the figure 8 movement Sonic makes when he runs. Some of these images have actually appeared in my animation to introduce the real Sonic in specific areas such as looking in the 3D era mirror.

Here is my mood board:


As for my animation, here is what I have completed so far over week 6 and half term:

FMP animation so far

Images used in animation:


Looking at it now, I do feel that considering the obstacles I had to overcome with being ill for a whole week, difficulty with the production process at the start and suddenly changing whole backgrounds, I have produced an animation to be truly proud of and that has so far fulfilled my proposal and topic subjects. Although, the sudden aesthetic changes are evident with some of the old cartoonier backgrounds remaining. However, the week after half term will be the week where I’ll be sorting all of this out alongside completing the animation altogether and post-production such as inserting music clips and exporting it all. Since I have completed what has been stated on my production schedule, I will have no problem finishing the entire animation the week I return to college.

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FMP: Weekly progress- week 6/half term

2 thoughts on “FMP: Weekly progress- week 6/half term

  1. tomrowse says:

    All blogs have been outstanding with regards to documenting the development and project process; accomplished and professional communication; Good understanding and knowledge of subject context, articulating ambitions and clarifying purpose. Coherent planning, constant engagement and commitment to all areas. Skills and knowledge applied to extend enquiry and develop creative solutions.


  2. tomrowse says:

    Celia Visual Feedback:

    Good use of sketched storyboards to plan your animation. Your decision to use a real image of a hedgehog has been a successful choice rather than using the original cartoon Sonic. However more attention is needed where you have coloured the hedgehog spines purple as it needs to be more blended and rough pixels are left in place along the top edge.


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