FMP: Weekly progress- Week 2

Week 2 (24th April 2017) Production (L.O 3.1/4.1/5.1/7.1/7.2):

Now that all my essential pre-production documents are completed I have been carrying on with producing my animation this week with the use of adobe Photoshop and Premier Pro. Although I was off sick at home all week, it didn’t stop me from doing a fairly good amount of my animation. Using my research on production methods, I intended to hand-draw my pictures and scan them into Photoshop to fill them in and apply as frames in Premier pro. This is a production method and medium that I have never done before so it did take a lot longer than I anticipated to put together. However, I did have experience with Premier Pro from last year’s units and from my storybook project this year so I could produce the frames and adjust them to 5 frames per second. This reason I chosen 5 frames per second is because I wanted to keep some of the blocky video games theme in the piece and because I simply don’t have time to do a proper 24 frames per second animation by the deadline.

This is where I also recorded some of my voice-over script for the first part of my animation, which I will record part by part to ensure that I have the tone and timing spot on. As I was playing back my animation at time, I wasn’t at all happy with the quality or tone of the recording as I found it emotionless and very boring to listen to. However, I kept using it as a guide to finish the first animation part and will go on my to-do list for next week to re-record.

A concern came to me when I was animating which was using Sonic himself in my piece. Even though I created a mood board and wanted to use my own designs to avoid plagiarism, I became increasingly concerned that I would still get panned for accidental plagiarism for using official artwork styles, despite my own drawings. This was when I decided to use a different representation of Sonic throughout the majority of my animation and include actual existing artwork of him where appropriate so that I can be certain I’ve Harvard referenced everything and correctly. The idea of using an alternative Sonic stemmed from project idea feedback a few weeks ago when the issue if copyright rose and using this idea will not only keep me from forgetting any references but also make my piece more creative and more humoristic too.

FMP: Weekly progress- Week 2

One thought on “FMP: Weekly progress- Week 2

  1. tomrowse says:

    Effective post recording and reflecting on the decisions made and problems solved in an imaginative and creative way.
    Articulated in a professional and accomplished style.


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