Unit 11 3.1: Creative CV- research and production.

(Unit 12 3.1)- This week my research has continued on to investigating various fonts which I could use for my creative CV. This process involved using the website Dafont which allowed me to explore various fonts which I then selected and created a separate mood board for my findings where I annotated what I liked about them and how I could apply them to my own CV- and change them when required to compliment my theme and colour schemes.

Here is my font mood board on the same document as last week’s research:



Whilst I was producing the font mood board another student spotted how I used the lined paper background to make it look more decorative for my findings. With this in mind, he gave me the idea for my actual CV of using photographs (promoting my passion for photography) with the slither of sticky tape on the corners and have one or two of my photos inside them featured on my CV. I really loved this idea since I could show my work on my CV in a non-pushy fashion and I can make it fit in well with my colour schemes using skills on Photoshop from my storybook project. However, I will probably only use one photo in this style to prevent overcrowding the CV and to keep space for the vital information to appear in it. despite this, I still went ahead with practicing putting a few photo images together so I could see how the look, which I could use and, most importantly, if the idea even works.

Here are some examples I’ve come up with so far:



After showing these practice images to my tutor she commented on the way I had changed the tone on my photos with how I could possibly try doing the same technique but with other colours from my teal colour pallet. With that, she told me about the colour generator website which allowed me to customise my own colour schemes and put together a much broader collection of teal colours to match my theme rather than a limited existing range.



Once I had all my photo images designed and my colour schemes put together I started to sketch out a brief layout for my CV which included my photos and where my personal statement, qualifications, education, skills and work experience were going to be positioned. Here is my draft:

Office Lens 20170309-152858

Using all my current research and colour knowledge I began work on designing the layout for my creative CV over the next 3 weeks. I knew that I wanted to follow a beach theme and I had ideas for typography I wanted to use so I designed my layout based around those ideas but I was only able to briefly plan my layout until I had my actual CV on my since all my spacial awareness and font sizes depended on the quantity of information from there. Keeping in mind some of the existing design elements I liked such as the work experience timeline and various typography.

I have also taken peer feedback on board with the photographs and applied a few of them to my CV draft in small but aesthetically pleasing amounts. This also gave me the idea of having something such as my personal information in one of the photo frames to make it look more fitting with my theme. During the development of my CV I had one-to-one feedback with my tutor to see how I could enhance the creativity of it more but still keeping it professional. Legibility was one issue raised since I had a sand and water reflection background and the black writing didn’t show up as clearly. This was when my tutor showed me how to apply a white box layer under it to make the text more readable. However, I wasn’t too fond of this idea at first because it was a solid box initially and it clashed a bit with my theme. But I tried to alter this with the feathering technique on InDesign to make it look softer and it immediately looked more fitting with the rest of my CV aesthetics- plus made the text more legible!

Speaking of aesthetics, we did a class lecture on creating infographics on Photoshop by outlining an original symbol or item to add or own fills and styles to it depending on the theme of our CVs. However, although this lecture was great for me to use in the future, I decided not to use infographics because it wouldn’t fit in well with my seaside/teal theme. But it was definitely a lecture for me to use in future for my FMP and definitely for university.

Using a pair of headphones, here is what I designed as my first attempt as an infographic:

Here is my final creative CV:

Unit 11 CV


(Unit 11 3.1)- Looking back over this criteria and what this has taught me, it has taught me various ways of how to promote myself, and show my employer what skills I can deliver to my career in one document. However, I have also kept it professional in the sense that I have transferred information from my own original CV to this one so that I am certain it  contains all the elements a CV should, such as work experience, skills, education, qualifications ad personal details. I have also factored in elements from my research into existing CVs such as the work experience timeline and fonts that I found attractive. I have used knowledge of my colour swatch research for the timeline and headings so that they blend in well with the sand background.

Unit 11 3.1: Creative CV- research and production.