Unit 11 2.1/2.2:Communication skills and knowledge.

(Unit 11 2.1)- Communication skills and knowledge for progression after college is a really vital aspect to gain an understanding of for specific times during the progression process such as producing personal statements and attending university interviews.

When writing my personal statement the use of communication skills was essential for stressing my interest for the course I wanted to study, promoting the work I’ve done and what skills I’ve gained to support my journey through university. We learned some of these before starting to write it so that we could communicate the important parts of our personal statement. For instance, promoting myself, evaluation of the skills I’ve gained and constant referral to what skills relate to what activity/work I’ve done have all contributed to communicating my interest for university and also communicating the reasons why I should receive and offer for my desired course. For example, I have included descriptions of my FMP magazine spreads from last year and my red squirrel video piece to give examples of multiple forms of media (hence, multimedia technology and design!) In reference to these I have analysed  the transferable skills I have learned from these which will aid me in my university course. However, since I was applying for mainly Multimedia technology and journalism separately I had to produce my personal statement so that it covers my interest in both areas at the same time. This meant I had to show equally cover my interest to study journalism by explaining examples of my work alongside transferable skills and what knowledge I can carry into the course. As a matter of fact, we were all warned from the beginning that if we wanted to apply for very different courses we still had to only produce one personal statement to cover that every course!

But whilst using all these communication skills in my personal statement I have also remembered to keep straight to the point for most of it to prevent going off topic and including unnecessary information. All of these communication skills enabled me to produce my personal statement to the highest standard I could whilst promoting my interest in the courses I applied for.

Here is my personal statement: personal-statement

However, the skills used in my personal statement are transferable for such stages like the interviews for courses, which will become the most beneficial and even determine your placement in some cases. I only had one interview (for journalism) out of the two courses I applied for yet the use of communication skills and knowledge helped me immensely to prove myself as a suitable student for the course. To begin with, etiquette is everything as it promotes yourself as a well-behaved and professional manner as well as good eye contact whilst, at the same time, showing a high level of interest in the course to the interviewer. For the journalism interview, I was told that I had to prepare myself by reading 2 well-known news papers, an online newspaper, watch the news and listen to the radio as I had an admissions test to do before the interview as well as a high chance that they may have ask me about them during the interview. Having a knowledge of these news formats will have shown to the person interviewing me that I did what was expected of me and, for a journalism course, I could talk about these things to show  I was enthusiastic yet able to follow instructions as required of me at the same time. Because of my knowledge of communication skills the interview was a success and I was awarded an offer for the course on the condition that I achieve a distinction overall on my college course.


Although my personal statement and my actual university interviews hold different communication skills and knowledge, they both hold the same purpose of helping me apply for university and promote myself as a student that is enthusiastic to reach their career ambitions from that course.

Unit 11 2.1/2.2:Communication skills and knowledge.

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