Unit 10 Children’s book: Week 12

A summary of my production work to-date including reference to earlier production schedule:

(Unit 10 2.2)- Like last week, this week has been entirely devoted to ensuring that the layout on every page was clean, clear but still exciting for my target audience and that my text was all in the correct font (sans-serif) and size. This was where, from lectures on InDesign skills previously, I used the paragraph styles tool which allowed me to have a shortcut formed for efficiently and effectively applying the same font/size in a split second compared to going through all the text and applying the correct font the old-fashioned way! Using this skill was not only a great way of saving production time but is also a skill used professionally in the industry for magazine design and layouts as well as the graphic design industry.

However, my tutor advised me to consider my text in relation to my target audience which meant trimming down any unnecessary words to shorten the length and rearranging it to create more space for the child to take it in better. Sometime, colour changes were required for the text to stand out better against certain backgrounds such as dark clouds and sand. However, I did learn a new skill this week when it came to the safety information in my trademark life rings which was having the text box shaped differently to make the text look neater. My tutor showed me how to do this along with how to shape the text away from the edges to avoid touching the life ring. This result of this tool made the life ring feature look a whole lot more neater and professional which I really loved the look of at the end.

My front cover underwent some moderate changes to the illustration positions and the logo to make the whole piece fit together without any crowding or touching one another. This part worked out just fine but I did have to go back to Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop to alter the fill on the title since I had used a dark sand texture which didn’t show up that well. I altered it to a lighter gold fill which looked a lot more clearer and my tutor helped me to add a shadow to it which I was really impressed with since it helped create more of a unique element to it.

Evidence in my design work, that demonstrates an understanding of the topics taught over the past 8 weeks:

Here is my final storybook featuring all the edits I’ve made this week:


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

(Unit 10 3.1/3.2)- One thing I have taken home as something to definitely consider for the future is how my project could be turned into further project ideas and even its own brand. My tutor commented that the logo for my storybook could be taken much further to create its own brand and feature merchandise, colouring pages and even the brand’s own website with various interactive activities related to the book. I was also told that I’d be able to carry this project in into my Final Major Project if I wanted to since I had the characters already created as a base for it. I became really fond of the idea of my storybook becoming a brand via the logo since I could even carry it on to any University courses and projects that would allow me to do so.

Unit 10 Children’s book: Week 12

One thought on “Unit 10 Children’s book: Week 12

  1. tomrowse says:

    Celia Feedback: These final amendments have really refined your spreads Grace. During the lectures on layout we learnt about proximity – grouping elements together on page in logical way – and you have shown evidence of understanding this design process in your work this week.

    Allow your designs to ‘breath’ and use the negative space to give the child a chance to have a ‘visual rest’.

    Here is a useful site that showcases clever use of negative space:


    Well done Grace you have made quite creative journey with this project and developed as a designer!


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