Unit 10 Children’s book: final adjustments.

(Unit 10 2.1/2.2)- This week, even though I have submitted my completed storybook, my tutor still wanted me to focus on my layout a little more- which I feel worked best around this time since I had completed my book and it was now a matter of fin-tuning it all.

When my tutor sat down with me, one problem we immediately encountered was that my storybook’s InDesign document wasn’t compatible with the college’s earlier version which meant the whole document wouldn’t open for us. Despite being incredibly frustrating for us being unable to fully complete what we needed to with the layering, we were still able to use the PDF format of it for me to take notes and sketches of what could be done or rearranged. We looked at each spread at a time and one thing to do with the text being too complex with how it was spread out and more likely to cause confusion for the child this way. This was when we looked into having (for some pages) a column of text on the side of the page in a simple sans-serif font to make it easier for the child to capture the story. This column method was also a great way for me to further experiment with proportions of illustrations to create more of an enhancing page view.

With the fonts, my tutor thought it would be best to keep most of the book in a simple font to keep the text understandable for my target audience. However, I was concerned about this with no longer meting the desires of my survey respondents but the idea of saving the multiple fonts for the dramatic events and words/ phases that stand out the most. This would also prevent overusing multiple fonts too much and causing too much confusion for my target age group.

More but minor alterations to my storybook included rearranging the text and illustrations on the page to make it that little bit more appealing to my target audience. And despite the troubles with accessing the InDesign file I needed, this fine-tuning process with the layers and text resulted in a much more spaced out layout yet still keeping the child-friendly charm within it and also saving time overall since I didn’t need to carry out anymore drawings or scanning them in. It was all a matter of just rearranging!

Here are a few screenshots of what we experimented with during the week:



Here is what I did to my storybook once I had the proper access to the version of InDesign:



Unit 10 Children’s book: final adjustments.

One thought on “Unit 10 Children’s book: final adjustments.

  1. tomrowse says:

    Celia Feedback
    Grace you still need to refine these pages and focus on the detail. Legibility is paramount for this young audience and some pages have reversed text that is illegible. Adjust the life belt icon so that the text sits neatly inside and is more legible. All the elements are there you just need to refine the typography.


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