Unit 9 project: final pieces (Greg)

(Unit 9 2.2)- Photo format:


(Unit 9 2.2)- Article format:


Is our relationship with digital technology healthy?

Social media and the latest gaming updates means digital technology has become irresistible to our generation’s lives- to the point of obsession.

The increasing advancements in gaming technology and access to social media platforms means that our generation has never been so obsessed, with teenagers more likely to become intoxicated.

According to one study, the use of social media feeds a variety of uses from anxiety to pleasure. Although, this study also showed that anxiety can occur through not knowing about every event of that moment via social media.

People use it to gain self-worth and confidence as a substitute for not having real achievements or purpose in their life.

This data reveals that the ratio of anxiety to pleasure supports a 3:1 ratio with those under 35 or 40 to be more anxiety driven.

Based on a recent survey of 25 people, 16% of the total respondents spend 5 hours a day or more using social media. 100% of these people own a social media account with 36% owning four or more.

From loneliness, poor social skills and, in extreme cases, becoming so frightened to answer the front door, social media obsession poses a great risk to developing other mental health problems in later life.

In addition to these damaging consequences so far, Anna Almendrala for the Huffington post commented:

Peer influence is kind of agnostic; it can be a good thing, it can be a potentially bad thing.

Like social media, video games have also seen cases of obsession increasing each year.

Given the access from home consoles, smartphones, portable devices and endless technical advancements, it’s no surprise that we are seeing this worrying trend.

Despite no single contributing factor for gaming obsession being the case, the appeal of a fantasy setting and ‘levelling up’ experiences are two of many reasons for gaming obsession with evidence concluding that role playing games hold one of the greatest obsession potentials.

Obviously with casual games you run out of loves or you finish the level but with MMO or RPGs there’s no segment where it’s like ‘you’ve done this.

You’re supposed to invest in it and that whole monthly charge means they need you to be obsessed with the game in order to keep playing it.


Unit 9 project: final pieces (Greg)

One thought on “Unit 9 project: final pieces (Greg)

  1. tomrowse says:

    Your photographs do show the anonymity of the world/narrative you are exploring and also the cluttered nature of the subject and how it clutters our view of life.

    Going forward with your photography think about what the viewer is looking at /seeing – what do you want them to see. Look into Foregrounding as a technique for highlighting what is important in a composition.

    E.g. the hand in one photo is too big and takes away from the phone – we can not see enough of the phone and the content on the screen. this then detract from the main focus of your composition.
    think about the background e.g. a patterned carpet again detracts from the main emphasis of the composition. Also think about the narrative: what is the story you are telling with each visual/image?


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