Week 10: (Greg) Unit 9 project- Article

(Unit 9 2.2)- This week, I have been mainly focusing on my article format on social media and gaming obsession. I made a solid start on this last week using my secondary research and the indy100 news website as a guide to help me emulate the typography, style and tone of the article.

(Unit 9 2.2)- Completing the article was pretty much following on from last week and wasn’t too hard to get back to since I had already made a solid start with the social media obsession side of it and knew how to lead on with it well with my own survey statistics- which I featured in my article as well. However, this week I also completed the task of carrying out my vox pops I conducted during my research for use in my article. (Unit 9 2.1)- A few weeks ago I had originally planned to have all my box pops recorded and transcribed according to my production schedule but I decided to move it to the week of the actually article-writing because it made me rethink what questions I could ask my interviewees depending on how the article turned out regarding the topics and information structured in it. This was also when I came up with a few new questions I asked my interviewees including ones I originally came up with during my research:

  • What aspects about social media (Facebook, Twitter) do you think can cause obsession with it?
  • Which forms or genres of gaming do you think are most likely to cause obsession with it?
  • How could you tell if the use of social media or gaming can turn into an obsession for someone?

(Unit 9 3.1)- In relation to the responses I got for them, I was able to use them as the pull-quotes shown in the style in the indy100 and because I used my article as a guide for the questions I was able to trim down the vital parts of the responses and use them accordingly. However, I did face a slight problem interviewee-wise; two students who understand a lot about gaming and social media were both absent for my planned vox pop session. This was when I decided  to save carrying out this process until next week when the absent students will be back so that I can gather an reasonable quantity of data to examine for my article. (Unit 9 1.1)- However, up until then I can interview other people within my target age bracket (ages 10-30 years) such as family members and others I know who are familiar with social media and/or gaming. I will also keep to this when interviewing the people I didn’t get hold of this week.


Alongside finalising the first official draft of my article, next week will also be the week I complete my evaluation of this project and have all my final piece collaborated in one blog post in preparation for submission.

Week 10: (Greg) Unit 9 project- Article

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