Week 9: (Greg) Unit 9 project- Photo format.

(Unit 9 2.2)- First of all, prior to this week I have completed the task of producing my set of photos for one of my chosen formats portraying digital media obsession. I started this last week where I took some shots of three girls from my group all on there phone and focusing on only that. I did like this process and the final image but I had to use my phone for the photography due to no access to cameras at the time. However, at home I was able to use my Canon for a much higher quality and take all the time I needed to perfect my photos. I also had more appropriate access to accessories such as my laptop, iPad, Wii and games. I also has my brother to feature in the photos too and just like with all my photos, I didn’t feature his face in any of them. This was also the perfect opportunity for me to practice various shots at different angles and different focuses to show different effects for digital media obsession.

Here are the images I have come up with:


(Unit 9 3.1/3.2)- Throughout this process I was given even more useful ideas to expand upon to show my theme. For instance, I was initially going to have all the gadgets laid out neatly with my brother kneeling by them to show the extent of some people’s obsession here. But he suggested that I scatter everything around to make it look more careless and like he needs it all around him at one time. I loved this idea and looking at the final photos, this was even more effective than, my original plan since having everything scattered around carelessly shows that digital media obsession can really overcrowd the person’s mind. It also made me think that having everything neatly arranged as I planned would convince anyone that this obsession is something to be proud of- which isn’t necessarily the case in most!

I haven’t finished completely with this format yet. I have taken around 5-6 photos but I will be selecting the best four or so photos that best portray my theme. I have also applied text dotted around it on Photoshop to do with various social media activity such as likes, hours spent that day, photo uploads, news feed, etc.


(Unit 9 1.2)- This week, I have completed the photos enough to make a start on the article for my other format. This is where I have gone back to my research I carried out and looked through all my sources and primary surveys again and organise what I want to feature in my first draft. This included: an introduction on social media and gaming in general, why these can be a cause for obsession, statistics from my primary research and vox pops I’ve carried out.

(Unit 9 2.2)- However, I have decided to change my article format from the i newspaper to the indy100 news website fort various reasons: Because it allowed much more flexibility with my active sub-headline regarding tone, I can include my statistics within the article to make it more interesting to emulate the indy100 and also have the vox pop quote more highlighted as pull-quotes. Even though I have made this change to my chosen article format I feel that it still fits in well with my target audience of those aged 18-30 but with a special interest and/or use in digital technology.

Week 9: (Greg) Unit 9 project- Photo format.

One thought on “Week 9: (Greg) Unit 9 project- Photo format.

  1. tomrowse says:

    there should their phone – their as in belongs to someone – there as in over there – common mistake…
    be careful with spelling
    effective commentary on problems and finding alternatives and contingency plans.

    overcrowd the person’s mind = excellent comment
    Unit 9 3.1/3.2 – very effective analysis of decision making in this paragraph – excellent insight

    Very effective demonstration of process and development of the project: aims and idea, process and development plus evaluation and refection of process: with honest and open commentary throughout.


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