Week 8 skills: (Greg) Unit 9 project

(Unit 9 2.2)- This week with my project I have made a start with the photography format. But before I began taking any photos I had to explore existing photos that portray  the obsession with digital media (social media and gaming). (Unit 9 1.2)- I did this whilst conducting my secondary research and found a variety of images as inspiration for my own photos. Many of the images I found during research were very simple but portrayed digital media obsession very clearly. these included close up shots of mobile phones and gaming controllers all the way to groups of friends in a row all on their phones. I found that all of these photos clearly told the theme of this kind of obsession but without being too graphic or going off-topic.

Alongside this idea I also remembered the feedback I received during my pitch where the suggestion of number of hours could be applied to the gaming obsession photos. I had the idea to use this feature with the social media for text showing the person’s activity at that time. For instance, numbers of likes on a photo, browsing news feed, tweets, shares and photo uploads to name just a few.

(Unit 9 2.2)- Using my research, I started some drafts for my photos and taken notes below each one of what I want set of photos to show and not tell the audience. Here are my drafts:


(Unit 9 3.1)- Whilst I was showing my tutor the photo sketches, he commented on the  However, once all the sketches were completed and I was certain for what I was looking for, I did encounter a few problems: Firstly, all the college’s cameras were fully booked up until the ned of next week which is when I am scheduled to finish the photos. However, I did decide to try using the camera on my phone for the photos I could take at college and see how they turn out. However, since I’ll be editing what’s necessary on Photoshop, the resolution will need to be clear enough for me to edit and look professional enough for submitting. (Unit 9 2.1)- If this doesn’t work, however, it won’t be too much of a problem because it could help me see if an image works or doesn’t and I’ll be able to have the second set completed in no time. And some of the photos will need to be carried out at home anyway (especially gaming) due to the risk of breakages and at home being the most appropriate location for the images.

Here are how the photos on my phone turned out:

(Unit 9 3.1)- Looking at these photos I feel that for a first try, they are not bad at all since I have managed to capture the essence of obsession with social media with the minimal interaction between the users and even the long corridor in the background giving an effect too. I think that camera angles made a huge impact to the isolating atmosphere and even turning Tasha away from Carris and Lexie clearly shows how social media obsession can separate you from friends and reality! (Unit 9 3.2)- Even though I used my phone here due to last minute obstacles and against my wishes, I still found it useful to gain an idea of I truly wanted out of my photos other than just having a sketched out idea to see if they even worked or not. This experience has also taught me that it would probably best if I brought in my own camera next week in order to produce a higher quality set of images for my project.

Week 8 skills: (Greg) Unit 9 project

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