Unit 10 Children’s book: Week 8

Following up to this week I have been carrying out the skills learned over the project to start development of my own. I have used Adobe Illustrator to apply the colours to my illustrations and then place them into Adobe InDesign.

A summary of my production work to-date including reference to earlier production schedule:

This week, I have managed to use Illustrator to apply the colour fills to my illustrations and, although these will probably change in aesthetics over the weeks, they have been a great help with applying them to my spreads and seeing how the final piece is likely to look.


Evidence in my design work, that demonstrates an understanding of the topics taught over the past 8 weeks:

(Unit 10 2.2)- This week I received some more feedback whilst I was showing my tutor the spreads I have produced so far. This was regarding my backgrounds since I was using photographs I had taken and my tutor wanted me to explore ways of making them look a bit more exciting. This was when she showed me a way of applying a faded colour box which I could possibly use to put my text in. I was originally going to use speech bubbles and character interactions but I found that there was no effective way of making this happen in InDesign so this was definitely an idea to consider for my storybook.

However, right now though I do feel very unsure of how to change my photo backgrounds because the purpose of them was to just be photos to portray the background and the characters to make up the child-friendly side of things. Truthfully, this is how I want them to stay because of various parts of my research and how the text/characters will take up the space but because of the special effects methods my tutor showed me and the ways of organizing text we learned today, I know that I have two options for altering the layout in a more interesting way so far.

Here are a few examples of what I have been shown in a way to alter the photos a bit:


I have also completed my storybook tracking document which is what text is going to be in my storybook by the end, although this may change slightly over time. Following on from a lecture on tracking a few weeks ago I have applied this to parts of my piece which tracks all the changes I make to my text and is a good methods of self-improvement and progression.


This week the whole class, including myself, got involved with applying the text to their storybook spreads in InDesign which included character styles and paragraph styles.


The character styles option allowed us to select certain characters within the text and basically create a shortcut which would help us to easily select that font and size again. The paragraph styles held exactly the same method and purpose but it applied to the entire paragraph or section of text. This method of production was a great way of keeping track of the styles of text used in my storybook and is one I will be using for sure during production since it is a skill very widely used in the industry for magazine and other print design.

(Unit 10 2.1)- Although I have the majority of my intended work completed, I haven’t necessarily managed to complete everything due to still having severe difficulty with using Illustrator and my InDesign work not saving correctly. However, since I know what needs to be completed and I can easily as for help from my tutor and have the work completed within the lesson I will still be on track with my production schedule.


Unit 10 Children’s book: Week 8

One thought on “Unit 10 Children’s book: Week 8

  1. tomrowse says:

    Well done Grace – you are on track and your regular blogs are unfolding a brilliant creative journey. Good to see your Word file develop with tracked changes as you edit your narrative.
    I suggest you research some exciting children’s book spreads to get some inspiration on the layout. Refer to my lectures on Proportion and asymmetrical layout etc.


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