Week 3: Skills (Greg)

Description of the skills being learned and used- (Unit 9 2.1/2.2)

This week we have focused on a number of writing skills such as writing from a different perspective and genre which we put into practice. First of all, we looked back again on genre where we looked at an extract on the sea and shared our thoughts and opinions on it after.

Example of these skills being used professionally- (Unit 9 1.1/1.2)

The extract we looked at was ‘The Looking Glass’ by Michele Roberts and after reading it as a class we all agreed that it was describing the sea in a very peaceful manner with gently emotive language and metaphors, ‘I miss the dancing light, and the energetic wind blowing mist and spray, tiny beads of moisture.’ (Roberts, M, 2001). Using this extract as inspiration, we were then assigned to produce our own water-based setting piece of writing of our choice. I decided to write about a river because it can form so many perspectives from others.


(Roberts, M, 2001)

Demonstrate my own example of how I used the skill- (Unit 9 2.1/2.2)

Here is my water-based piece:

When it comes to any river in any town or city, you can never focus on any one area of it; the mirror accurate reflection of the boats on the water with the flare of the early morning sun to compliment it on those days when it’s just me, the ducks and the hush of breeze through my hair. That sound of grass on the river bank to follow behind too is always an asset to this landscape.

Evaluation of my use of the skills with reference to the professional example:- (Unit 9 3.1/3.2)

Looking back, I feel that this exercise gave me a good idea on how genre and theme can open door to so many other areas within that theme. Even though this one linked to other water-based locations, it has prompted me to start coming up with ideas for themes for this project and what specific areas I could investigate in that in my chosen format. Regarding my use of the skill, I had some mixed feeling for my piece. I feel that my perspective of it added more  of a personal touch to it and involved some senses to it- sight, touch and hearing. However, I feel that I could have used the ‘The looking Glass’ (Roberts, M, 2001) extract a little bit more as inspiration and applied more of the emotive language to mine. Despite this, I felt that applying the senses made my piece draw the reader in more and encourage them to picture themselves using them in the situation.


Description of the skills being learned and used- (Unit 9 2.1/2.2)

(Unit 9 2.1/2.2)- One element of the week I especially enjoyed was writing the in the perspective of a different person- or object as we did in one exercise. This was where we could choose any object and write about anything in the perspective of it. I decided on a pair of glasses since I wear them myself and understand how important they are to many people yet how underestimated they can be of worth.

Demonstrate my own example of the skills being used- (Unit 9 2.1/2.2) 

Here is my perspective piece of a pair of glasses:

I am considered as an item of fashion, dependence and what gives my owner their identity. I am glasses. Despite having a population of look-a-likes, I too have my own unique identity. my lenses are different from all others for which I value. I get the chance to explore the world everyday whilst helping my owner to witness it too. Reliable, unique and valued. That’s what I am. I may not talk or breathe but to my owner I’m more than just glasses. I bring life to their eyes.

Evaluation of my use of the skill with reference to the professional example- (Unit 9 3.1./3,2)

One part of this specific exercise I thoroughly enjoyed was listening to other members of the class tell their perspective pieces. For example, Holly’s was on a pair of shoes on a telephone line and Scott’s particularly stood out me because of his perspective of a pillow. He turned it into a letter to the owner and the humor he added to it made me understand more with how perspective can really change the tone and attitude a reader may have towards the piece. We also learned more about the person the pillow was talking about than the pillow itself which taught me how much more detail we can gather from an article or written piece just from varied perspective.


Description of the skills being learned and used-(Unit 9 2.1/2.2)

Another exercise we did which used the technique of perspective was writing in the theme of a greetings card. We wrote in the perspective of someone choosing a greetings card for a person and then the same again but for the person receiving the card. Unlike the exercise with the object, this gave me more of a chance to explore various situations and more deeper emotions of each person. In this case I decided to do a wedding greetings card but the person being and the person receiving the card hate each other so this was a great opportunity for me to add some humour.

Demonstrate my own example of how I used the skills- (Unit 9 2.1/2.2)

Here are my perspective pieces:

Nothing is, or does it seem more frustrating than having a family member who is impossible to buy for. Especially on their wedding day. Nothing you choose is ever good enough when it comes to the bride-to-be. As much as I hate her I will be hated myself if I don’t show at least some form of affection for the ‘best day of their lives’. Whether it’s that gritted smile or lifeless handshakes throughout, a greetings card is no choice. Looking round at all the cards available it’s fair to say that glitter, flowers and lovey dovey messages are the last thing she deserves. After almost being blinded by irrelevant glitter I had to get out of there. I simply grabbed the dullest one I could find (at least it matches her personality) along with one of those pens with invisible ink. After transcribing what mum had written for me to write inside I added my own unique and special touch with the invisible marker. After all, it is their special day(!) maybe on my wedding they can give my 10 minutes of my life back after being wasted on card-buying.

Dear sender,

I am writing to show my thanks for attending our wedding reception. It was a pleasure to see you there and many thanks for the wedding present of the bath soap hamper. Although being told I could ‘use it’ is something I’ve never been told before. Tried to take it as a compliment.

Kind regards,

P.S: I can read invisible ink- you can die in a fire too!

Evaluation of my use of the skills with reference to professional example- (Unit 9 3.1/3.2)

One thing I found from this exercise is that it was easier for me to produce the second perspective because I had the first perspective I wrote as a guide for the second. But overall, I found it rather exciting to investigate the same situation but in different perspectives because I was still free to add humour and even my own experience with the difficulty of purchasing the right greetings card. The thing I found about this exercise was that it’s really adaptable depending on the target audience; there are those who like humour and there are those out there who would rather have the perspectives more descriptive or serious. This all links into the importance of understanding a specific target audience as a journalist whatever is being written or reported so that the final piece can meet the demands and requirements of that audience.


Roberts, M. (2001). The Looking Glass. New York: Henry Holt.

Roberts, M. (2001). The Looking Glass. New York: Henry Holt.

Roberts, M. (2001). The Looking Glass. New York: Henry Holt.

Week 3: Skills (Greg)

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