Year 2: Unit 10 children’s book (week 1)

For this project I am required to create a children’s storybook or other piece of children’s literature that will appeal to a child aged 5-11 years of age. This can range from storybooks to flip books, pop-up books and flash cards all the way to a video piece or animation applying to this age range. However, before any production could commence I made a solid start on carrying out thorough research into many areas for this project such as existing storybooks and children’s videos, what types of storybooks are available for children aged 5-11 years old which meant carrying out some secondary research.

How have I analysed the characteristics of my target audience- primary school aged children? (Unit 10 1.1): 

(Unit 10 1.1)- First and foremost, I had to get to know my target audience and how my final product must meet their requirements. This target audience was a bit harder for me to understand than for previous projects because of how wide the age range is here and how much a child aged 5 can vary from another aged 8 or 9 regarding development, sense of awareness of the world and interests. Another major factor to take into account was the attention spans because children’s attention spans are known to be a lot lower than teenagers or adults so researching the various factors of children’s storybooks that may encourage engagement was vital for me to understand how to produce mine in sync with them- which is exactly what I did.

What research material have I gathered to show an understanding of the existing learning resources available on the market for primary school aged children? (Unit 10 1.1):

Even though I already had plans of an age group and topic for my storybook, I was still encouraged to research the entire 5-11 age range to develop an understanding of the varying designs of the books, the content of them and how they relate to the changing attention spans of each age. (Unit 10 1.1)- I first of all carried out primary research using the best possible source for a storybook project- actual children’s storybooks themselves! Using my researched understanding of how attention spans increase by age, I examined various characteristics of a number of story books to gain an idea of how they attract the age range they’re aimed at whether they’re the five-year-olds or the 6-9-year-olds.

This process included researching what topics a section of the 5-11 year range pose an interest and examining various books holding these topics, whether they’re educational or purely fiction. I took note of the topics each book held alongside the length/size of text, style of illustrations (cartoon or more delicately-drawn), colours and the type of characters present in the storybooks. Although I had brief initial ideas of what kind of children’s storybook I wanted to produce, the recently-developed knowledge changed my views on it slightly because it taught me that as the child grows up the develop more of a capability for different genres and  (creativity Institute, 2015). This hasn’t made me change the idea of my topic but it has encouraged me to reconsider my age group regarding the suitability of that topic for the age group.

Although an age range may share similarities for what those children enjoy through storybooks, every child is different or understands it in a different way from another. This was why I conducted some primary research where I sent an email interview to the parents of my 5-year-old cousin to gather information from the perspective of an actual child within this age range. This was the perfect opportunity for me to use my knowledge of conducting interview questions using the 5 w’s so that they are open, neutral and I get the most detailed information possible.


Even though I have made a very solid start with my research, I intend to have it all completed by next Wednesday covering the target audience, how children within the 5-11 years age range differ and what they look for in a storybook.

Year 2: Unit 10 children’s book (week 1)

One thought on “Year 2: Unit 10 children’s book (week 1)

  1. tomrowse says:

    Excellent start Grace – especially talking the initiative to approach your target audience directly via their parents. Try and make sure your questionnaire is extensive to maximise the opportunity.


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