Final Major Project: Week 9 Weekly progress

Progress this week regarding the production is almost difficult to analyse because most of  the heavy-duty work was all completed. This week was mostly touching up the tiny adjustments on my production work, asking for the last few bits of feedback for my articles and layouts and (most importantly) (Covers Unit 8 4.1)- completing my final evaluation.

(Covers Unit 8 1.1/4.1)- To ensure that I had evaluated all elements of my Final Major Project to the highest level of detail possible, I referred back to my project plan which had outlines of my intended research methods/processes, target audience, methods of production, how I will plan and manage my time and keep track of my progress and targets. I was able to comment on these sections based on how well I believe I carried them out, what problems I faced during their stage and how I overcame them and how they impacted the final pieces whether they were positive or negative.

The use of this plan was immensely helpful with reflecting on every little detail of my project from the pre-production stage right through to adding the finishing touches to my final pieces. Not only was this also proof that I had carried out everything proposed in the proposal but also proof that I had met every criteria requested in this project.

(Covers Unit 8 4.1/1.1)- Even though I was mainly focusing on the final evaluation for most of this week, I still asked for feedback from my tutor on my double-page spreads and editor’s letter for any final touches that needed adding. He mainly commented on how professional and clean the layout looked in correlation with the magazine’s layout. However, even though he admitted there were very few things to adjust he did refer to the text box on the double-page spread #2 where it would look better if the text in it was a little bit more spaced out and the box itself so that it met in alignment with the columns on the opposing page. Also for my first double-page spread there was a tiny little bit of white page remaining from where the photo didn’t quite meet the bottom of the page so that was corrected within a minute.

Office Lens 20160617-183443

Office Lens 20160617-183622


This week, I didn’t really have any ‘targets’ to set apart from completing our URL document for ease of access when our Final Major Project is being graded. Although, Harvard referencing became a major cause for concern for a number of those in my class this week. We were all originally using the numbering format of Harvard referencing and we were all told that the required format was the conventional one where in-text citing was requested. This was a huge hassle for me because: I had to alter my research sketchbook entirely, rearrange my bibliography, and update all my previous blog posts with the new references and in-text cite the article drafts too. (Covers Unit 8 3.1/4.1)- Even though this did take up pretty much the rest of my week to complete, I did try to see it as a positive in the way that: it was a chance to double-check to see that every reference is in it’s correct format depending on its source and that it’s clearly in alphabetical order as required with the conventional Harvard format. Regarding my progress tracker book, this is what I mostly commented on for the week but I also noted how successful my final evaluation writing had gone too.

Office Lens 20160617-191232


Final Major Project: Week 9 Weekly progress

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