Final Major Project: Week 9 Production log

This week, considering this was the last week of project production, has actually been substantially easy-going and relaxed since all my final pieces were complete and it just meant touching up the smallest of details and asking for feedback on them too.

Here is the final article draft for my double-page spread #2. All seemed spot-on with my tutor but he suggested replacing the ‘but’ with an ‘and’ to emphasise the sentence a little more.

Office Lens 20160613-101101

When they were all complete, I got started on my final evaluation which outlined how well my research process went, what obstacles I overcame/faced, how my final pieces look in comparison to my original intentions, how professional I think they look or what could be improved and if I have met the needs of my target audience. Also proof that I have met every criteria for the Final Major project.

(Covers Unit 8 4.1)- The main purpose of this final evaluation was to provide evidence of a number of things including: if I have successfully carried out what I proposed to in my proposal, if my final pieces look as hoped and like my magazine brand with back up from my production/research processes and how I kept on track with my personal management. (Covers Unit 8 1.1)- For extra support with ensuring I had all project elements covered here I went back to my project plan which outlined every element I needed to consider prior to research and production. It also helped me to judge whether or not I had carried out everything and/or met everything as mentioned on that plan.

(Covers Unit 8 3.1/2.1)- Obviously, all elements I evaluated has come relationship with my final pieces because without them I wouldn’t have been able to present my final pieces as professionally or at the standard they looked at he end of this week. For instance, I was constantly referring to how my research processes were decided upon previous experiences and projects that allowed me to explore all the methods and sources that would be most beneficial to this one. I also analysed how my primary an secondary research methods all impacted my final pieces and how I organised my research with the use of my sketchbook portfolio and production schedule.

(Covers Unit 8 3.1)- Speaking of production schedule, I had a lot to write about when it came to my personal management because of how it allowed me to build up on so many new skills and lessons it taught me. For instance, both my progress tracker book and my feedback sheet were designed for feedback which was an element I struggled with at first in relation to asking for it face-to-face.However, I reflected in my evaluation from recent weeks ago that my final pieces wouldn’t have looked the same as the do now, and would have definitely stunted the purpose of the emulation since the writing style I used at first wouldn’t have been the same as ‘Outdoor Photography’.

(Covers Unit 8 3.1/1.1)- I also had a fair amount to write in terms of the final pieces themselves because I was consistently referring to the skills I carried on from previous projects and new ones which I picked up along the way this time. One of which was in collaboration with an issue the I faced of having to do a little more research into the measurements and distance details but it meant having to readjust my layout so that it matched according to the magazine. It did take up the majority of my week, my spare time and interrupted my production schedule but ate final result was definitely worth it with the addition of a new InDesign skill to take with me next year and possibly as a journalist in the future.

Although my final evaluation was completed without any hassle this week, there was one problem that came up for every person in my class. This was Harvard referencing. we have to all Harvard reference our work correctly in order to pass the Final Major Project and were all originally doing it in the numbered format. this was until we were all told that the required method of it was the conventional Harvard referencing method and not the numbering method. This was unsurprisingly distressing for many of us and definitely myself because this meant that every one of us had to go back over all our references and re-cite them correctly. This was majorly worrying for me because this method was like starting from scratch and I was extremely all throughout this project anyway that they were correct or not no mater how many times I checked the format. (Covers unit  8 4.1)- However, as distressing as it was for me, I did try to think of it as a positive in the way that it allowed me to thoroughly check that each format is correct based on it’s sources and to check that they are ALL there anyway. Basically just to double-check again that they are what the markers/graders are asking for.

Final Major Project: Week 9 Production log

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