Final Major Project: Week 8 weekly progress

(Covers Unit 8 3.1)- This week, since I had begun and finished my opening page (editor’s letter), I do feel a strong sense of satisfaction with the progress made. This doesn’t apply just to the completion of my editor’s letter though; it’s also because of the quality of the emulation I carried out throughout the production too. Because I deliberately paid the most attention to the measurements and distances of elements, I had very little to improve upon at the end of the production of it and the overall page looked much more like the emulation I expected but hoped for. (Covers Unit 8 1.1)- I knew that this method of production wouldn’t have been too much of an interruption with the rest of the tools used in the software because after weeks of using InDesign for my double-page spread I knew all the tools of by heart including what thy do and how to access them. All I needed to do was access them and apply the correct measurement to them on my page so if anything, production time was the same as it normally is.

(Covers Unit 8 2.2)- However, the reason I may have completed it in this week along may have been because it was only one page and that page holds the same layout, style and measurements in every issue of ‘Outdoor Photography’. Even though I researched more than one, I only really needed to look at one and use that as my guide for this emulation. The evidence for this has come from my research of the several issues analysed.

(Covers Unit 8 1.1/2.1/2.2)- One major piece of feedback I got, amongst the rest of my class, was my grades for criteria Unit 8 1.1/2.1/2.2. The grade for these first three criteria were all of a Distinction standard and explained to me how I have consistently and precisely broken down each criteria requirement in order to understand in detail how to achieve each one, how in-depth my research has been with my sketchbook and how detailed my evaluations and production logs are in sync with the project criteria. (Covers Unit 8 3.1)- Although this was extremely promising feedback for more than half my project, my tutor made me realise that all of the work I have produced so far for this project all hold a good and strong ground for me to progress next year and use to my higher advantage in order to ‘carry out some more substantive journalism in the future’.

Office Lens 20160612-150024

Office Lens 20160612-145824

Office Lens 20160612-145907

(Covers Unit 8 4.1)- In terms of our progress tracker booklets and our progress within that, we were back to normal this week regarding discussing this one-to-one with our tutor. On my section, I commented on how starting my editor’s letter article over the week off had really helped me to get stuck in with producing the layout for this piece as well as purchasing he extra issue to allow me to start it. I also mentioned how my confidence with asking for feedback is growing slowly but surely as well as the frequency in questions regarding Harvard referencing I was/am asking. However, I did comment on the stress levels at one point being higher than usual this week but despite that, I was able to not let it get in the way of producing a good emulation of the editor’s page mainly because of the care put in with all the tiny measurements with millimetre-accuracy!

In response to my views, the feedback my tutor gave me was mainly related to what he spoke to me about yesterday with criteria Unit 8 1.1/2.1/2.2 in the way that I have developed the skills required for carrying out the real yet required journalism. He also mentioned that my project and the final pieces as part of it pose a strong point as to progress from and that I should be taking confidence from my drafting processes and the way that they are making the end pieces and articles even more improved by the day.

Office Lens 20160612-143534

In terms of my feedback sheet, this weeks’ additions mainly consisted of the what was said about my grades for my work currently marked over the half term and about how the skills that have lead me to complete my Final Major Project pieces have put me in a very strong position in which for me to progress upon and to achieve higher ambitions for my work next year.

Office Lens 20160612-143618


(Covers Unit 8 4.1)- Regarding the targets for this week which were set before half-term, I wasn’t entirely able to achieve the target of completing my first editor’s letter draft since I didn’t have appropriate access to some of the image files to complete it. However, this will cause distraction to my final production week but only to a minor degree because it was only two images that needed applying and I’ve already references the required one so that will save even more time. (Covers Unit 8 1.1)- Speaking of next week’s targets, these are all incorporated into my production schedule anyway since this week is purely applying finishing touches to all my final pieces, producing my final evaluation and proof-reading literally every blog post and piece of Final Major Project work- not to mention Harvard references and making certain that they are there in the appropriate places and formats. I will do the majority of this proof-reading but I will definitely get my tutor and fellow classmates to also proof-read my work for spelling and sentence structure: a vital skill as a journalist which shows trust in another person’s feedback to provide the audience with the best information and news possible!

Final Major Project: Week 8 weekly progress

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