Final Major Project: Week 7 weekly progress

Regarding the progress made this week and how much project work I completed, I do feel really proud of myself for how much I have managed to complete since a major and probably the most important half of it came unexpected to me. This was because over the half term holidays, Unit 8 1.1/2.1/2.2 were going to be marked and included: our project proposals, pitches and every aspect of our research including my research portfolio. This took up a massive chunk of my week because it meant going back over all of these pieces of work and all others that covered this criteria to ensure that they were all met to the standard of my aspired target (Distinction) but also that the information that required Harvard referencing was referenced in the correct format was done so fully. Although, apart from doing all this during the production time one my college weekdays, I also made my way in to use the college LRC on the Friday to make a more thorough double-check of all the criteria and especially that Harvard references since these will prove that I haven’t carried out any plagiarism.

(Covers Unit 8 3.1)- However, as for the work I did expect to have in front of  me this week, I did achieve the completion of my last double-page spread which mainly involved getting the last of my feedback for my articles- also following on from last Friday hen I started the final touches on both of my double-page spreads. As usual, this involved the use of Adobe InDesign due to the use of its tools that helped me achieve an accuracy by near enough the millimetre to my magazine brand. These included the usual paragraphing and columns tools, text font and size tools and the measurement tool at the top of the tool bar that allowed em to enter the correct measurement in millimetres to ensure perfect accuracy for any specific element on my double-page spread whether it was images, height/width of columns or page folio boxes. (Covers Unit 8 1.1)- However, the discovery of a fairly new tool to me was the distance tool that mainly applied to the paragraph columns because it allowed me to apply the correct measurement to the millimetre for the distance between the columns in sync with those in the magazine. This method especially posed as an effective method of production this week since it was a tool that I had tried to previously use from scratch by trial and error with the columns but I wasn’t entirely able to emulate it with millimetre perfection. However, this tool allowed me to do exactly that according to my research on the measurements from the magazine and my style guide of it too.

Office Lens 20160605-190049

(Covers Unit 8 4.1)- This week, we didn’t necessarily have the chance to discuss our targets or weekly progress with our tutor but I did definitely ensure that I still met my ongoing target of asking for frequent feedback on my main project work. As a result, I was really glad I did ask for my articles to be proof-read because my tutor mentioned some vital factors that could have been looked over slightly more in them. This was mainly related to the style of the language within my articles and how the photos were referred to within them in relation to ‘Outdoor Photography’. This feedback required me to do two extra tasks: to go over the articles in my research portfolio and a few extras to remind myself of how the photos were referred to in the articles but to also look into developing my own style guide for the magazine ‘Outdoor Photography’. I realised that this was also one of the documents required for Unit 8 1.1 but also Unit 8 2.1 as part of my project proposal so I understood that this was one of my main priorities for the rest of the week.

Office Lens 20160605-190657

(Unit 8 3.1)- As for fitting this task into the rest of my busy schedule for the week, this will not be much of a problem at all since I was using the college LRC the Friday anyway and I could use this as the opportunity to make these improvements, document them on my progress log and ensure that both my double-page spreads are up to date and almost completed for after the half term where I will commence the production for my opening page (Editor’s letter). Once this is complete, I will then be able to go back to all final pieces and make any minor forgotten adjustments or corrections to them to ensure that they are of the best quality (as proposed a the pre-production stages) and prove that I have achieved an excellent emulation on the magazine ‘Outdoor Photography’.

(Covers Unit 8 4.1)- targets for this week seemed a bit harder to set this week because we didn’t have the chance for progress one-to-ones with our tutor and next week is half term so this meant I had to set myself targets fro when I get back to college. These were to: finish my editor’s letter article and gain feedback on it, complete my editor’s letter page as a whole and to make minor adjustments to previous pieces of project work, mainly my blog posts which I couldn’t complete without the college software. Regarding the targets I et myself last week to complete, I know that I have firmly completed updating my research portfolio and references since this was due for marking over half term, as well as finishing my article to avoid disruption for my production when I return to college. (Covers Unit 8 1.1)- I have also indeed gained back feedback for the first article I wrote which is where the whole aspect of learning more about the magazine’s language style and prompted me to complete my own developed style guide that week- also as part of Unit 8 1.1!

Final Major Project: Week 7 weekly progress

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