Final Major Project: Week 6 weekly progress

Even though I’m happy that I made the amount of progress I intended to (mainly because I completed the first draft for my double-page spread #1) I mainly feel happy for it all because of what problems I faced throughout the week, how I solved them and also how much I learned about my own project work.

(Covers Unit 8 3.1/2.2)- This was was almost entirely the production of my double-page spread #1. However, when I said ‘almost’ this brings me to what obstacles I faced this week. For instance, I was halfway to nearly finished with completing the first draft of this week’s double-page spread when on Tuesday were all discussing our research portfolios and it came to my attention that I had forgotten some of the minor elements that I should have included such as the measurements for paragraphs, page corner headlines, page number folios and distances between all of these too. This not only made me concerned that others would think I hadn’t carried out my research effectively enough but I could see that not having  these measurements as a guideline did start to have an effect on my first draft- mainly with it not looking entirely as replicated as it could have. This was when I made the choice to identify and make these additions to my research but to also attend the college LRC on the Friday when I had no classes so that I could thoroughly concentrate on progressing with the double-page spread at my own pace and spend as much time as I needed with making the required adjustments.

(Covers Unit 8 4.1/2.2)- When I left that day though, I was thrilled that I did take the time that day because due to having a brush-up of the measurements of the ‘Outdoor Photography’ magazine I was able to notice the difference it made to the double-page spread #1 straight away when it came to the final PDF draft. Not only had I trimmed down the article more of what wouldn’t really be present in the magazine (all being carried on from my feedback on Tuesday) but this allowed me to measure out the paragraphs according to my research much more accurately. The whole process of this was about ensuring all the measurements were in place and even though it did mean having to rearrange almost the entire layout for this double-page spread it really was worth it in the end since the whole spread looked much more spaced out and less crammed together. This doesn’t at all mean that I hadn’t followed or conducted my research properly otherwise my previous double-page spread or this one would look unprofessional and nothing like the magazine I intend to emulate. It just means that I simply forgot some simple but easily fixable elements both to my research portfolio and both my double-page spreads. (Covers Unit 8 3.1)- Speaking of my last double page spread #2, the fact that I had to edit my current one this week meant that I did have to go back and at least start editing that one with the correct measurements and trimming down the article of that one whilst using the feedback provided from my previous one. Since the comments on it would probably relate well to the article I started editing, I did feel a bit of disappointment in myself for how much I did edit towards the end. (Covers Unit 8 2.2/1.1)- However, I did decide the night before that I would be altering the article and photo for that double-page spread, purely because I wanted to vary the theme of the article since very few of them are based on the exact same location. However, I only had to edit the main points of the photo because the beginning part if it still worked reasonably well for my new photo used.

(Covers Unit 8 4.1)- As for feedback and progress tracking this week, I mainly commented in my tracking book how much I have learned this week regarding my research portfolio requiring the measurements and additional content. But also with how asking for feedback from my tutor made much more of a positive impact to my work than I anticipated. Not that I didn’t have faith in his response in the first place, it was purely just that my confidence levels at the beginning of the week were lower than the should have been but also what I wanted them to be. (Covers Unit 8 1.1)- However, this also made me realize the importance of this particular skill’s use in the industry such as: when journalists are having their work proof-read by their magazine/newspaper editor or even in radio production when work is constantly being proof-read for any grammatical errors. In response to all my thoughts from the week, my tutor commented in my progress tracker that it was good to be looking through my drafts and articles and for me to keep this going by sending more drafts fro examination- whether it’s in class or even via email. He also gave me a little reassurance to make sure that I was saying all I needed to in my articles with as few words as possible in relation to my magazine brand.

Office Lens 20160524-211522



Office Lens 20160524-210453

(Covers unit 8 4.1)- All of these events that happened during my production this week allowed perfect room for my three main targets for next week: To finish the final draft for the double-page spread I created last week along with the featured article; to gain feedback for the first article I developed (for my double-page spread #2) and to finally update my research with the Harvard references, minor amounts of content and to create a content page for easy accessibility. In terms of last week’s targets, my main target was to start asking for feedback from my tutor on my articles and double-page spread layouts. Even though I admit I didn’t really do it as much I hoped to, it was an achievement for me to do it for the number of times I did this week and it did make me realize that it will only increase my ability to self-instruct according to it and as a result, make my work better in the long term.

Final Major Project: Week 6 weekly progress

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