Final Major Project: Week 5 weekly progress

Regarding progress made this week with my project, I feel that since I have 100% completed my firstly-completed double-page spread , I can breathe a little easier now that I can start to map out the first draft for my next double-page spread for next week- which will be the double-page spread the reader will come across first. Because this one will be based on the experiences of myself and other professionals, I only have to focus on referencing what isn’t mine so it will take less time to do that and allow me to have more focus on the writing side f it unlike the previous one.

(Covers unit 8 3.1)- To complete this final draft, I obviously had my first draft I completed last week with the main purpose of helping me match the format and style of that one. However, it did make life a lot easier for me because I could just copy and past all the factors I needed from it on to my final draft such as: paragraphs in heir previously set measurements, accurately set photos, page perimeter lines and article subtitles from the first draft. This meant that it all enabled me to focus entirely for the week on the articles for my double-page spread- which I did!

(Covers unit 8 3.1/1.1)- Because of the fact that last week was purposely set for me to: complete the layout for my first draft and gain confidence with using the Adobe InDesign skills once again, it meant that I had all this knowledge fresh in my mind for this week. I very rarely needed to use any of the skills again from scratch because I could easily transfer the elements I required from my first draft on to my final draft in the desired positions and measurements. (Covers unit 8 4.1/2.2)- Apart from actually writing the articles themselves, i set myself a mini to-do list last week which involved taking more precise care when it cam to measuring out the page perimeter lines in relation to the font style and sizing- which I did manage to carry out successfully and as a result, made me feel that I had taken more care within producing more accurate emulation of my magazine brand. (Covers unit 8 3.1)- When it came to the article writing though, I’m glad that i took advantage of having the whole week because it was a minor struggle to know how to start it, even with knowledge and understanding of the language from the magazine . (Covers unit 8 2.2)- However, this was when I turned to my research portfolio where I commented on the style of the language used. It refreshed my mind that the articles and experiences don’t dive straight in to the main topic; they slowly introduce them by describing locations or summarized version of what they are about to expand upon. This as where I did the same to my articles, both on the technology involved with amateur photography and also my personal experience with photo-assisted technology. This is a useful tip I shall remember next week when conducting my first draft for my second double-page spread. (Covers unit 8 2.1/3.1)- This also applied very much to my email interviews I carried out with my professional/experienced photographers because I had to ensure their quotes were presented in the exact same format as the magazine. This meant producing a text box with the interviews in it. However, I needed to replicate the interview boxes exactly how they do it in the magazine which meant removing the quotation marks I applied and the names of the photographers who voiced these. I knew that this wasn’t too much of a worry in the long-term because both of these quotes appeared in the interviewed which I had Harvard referenced previously so I knew that I wouldn’t receive the blame for any misuse of used research.

(Covers unit 8 4.1)- This week, in relation to my progress/tracking book and general feedback, it was most interesting because when I showed my final double-page draft to my tutor, he questioned my about whether or not my  articles were part of the final draft or were a first draft themselves. I responded to this with how I had organised my production time to include the main article writing within my final draft production. This lead on to the target set that I will need to start continuously asking for feedback and opinions on my drafts. layouts and articles. Even though he is not allowed to prescribe me with any specific instructions, he is apparently allowed to give little nods of approval or for unspecified improvements here and there. If I’m brutally honest, I was less enthusiastic about this target as much as my tutor was for a couple of reasons: Firstly, this made me raise a concern I’ve had all week. I’ve seen another student doing a stop-motion animation for her project and another doing an asset file for all his proposal and research work. this made me question whether my idea and medium was too ‘normal’ and what I described face to face with my tutor as ‘mediocre.’ This was when he replied in response to this, and written in my progress tracking book, that I am putting myself at more of an advantage than any disadvantage because in focusing on the core skills required for this project and no doubt in the industry, they will help me in the long-run with my future project, encourage me to experiment when I am ready and have the core skills embedded more inside of me. Not to mention that this project is always my alarm bell when it comes to quality over quantity! However, another reason I was hesitant about this target was because- without trying to sound vain- I feel a strong sense of unease when anything needs improvement from someone else’s view due to my confidence levels still being lower than they should be.


(Covers unit 8 1.1)- However, as nervous as I am to ask my tutor for his opinion on something- a task I will do properly for the first time on this course, it will also teach me some valuable skills I will require for the industry and workplace such as: having various work colleagues proof-reading my work to check for grammar and spelling mistakes before publication; gaining confidence in my own work and asking myself ‘how can I make this even better?’ (Covers unit 8 4.1)- Apart from my new nerve-wrecking target for next week, I was personally please with my progress made this week and how I commented on my new habits of: taking snapshots of my production progress and how the eased pressure allowed me to focus on the most required elements first- the articles.

(Covers unit 8 4.1)- Obviously, as proven by all the interesting feedback provided this week and my targets set, I have completed my first final draft successfully and in sync with my production schedule.- leading on to the fact that all of my set targets for this week are in perfect sync with my production schedule since during the drafting process I will be able to make the necessary corrections regarding criticism and will also be able to fill them all into my feedback sheet as proof of my positive ongoing progress.


Final Major Project: Week 5 weekly progress

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