Final Major Project: Week 4 weekly progress

This week, I think it’s fair to say that it has been a week of mostly multitasking due to the number of problems I faced this week and the end of last week. Firstly, my printer at home wasn’t working for a few days so I was unable to progress with my research portfolio and we also had a bank holiday on Monday which was a massive interruption to my production schedule for the week. However, the fact that I had a much heavier work load on my shoulders than expected and managed to complete them both to a high quality meant that I have made much more progress this week than I originally thought I did.

(Covers Unit 8 3.1/1.1)- Part of this was completing the first draft for my one of my double-page spreads which I created using Adobe InDesign. This was the software I also used to complete half of my first final project and earlier on in the course to practise double-page spread layouts. the fact that it had all the tools that allowed me to achieve the emulation of my chosen magazine publication and that for both of these scenarios, these tools had a very positive effect on the overall final pieces. As for this draft through, I knew that this would be no exception; tools such as the paragraphing tools, fonts/font sizes and colours, text boxes and page measurement tools were all used within my first double-page draft. For instance, I was able to produce the number of paragraphs I needed from a single text box and measure the width of each according to those in the magazine and match the text font to that in the magazine too. However, the text was almost always different depending on its role on the page, whether it was title, subtitle or corner section headline, I ensured that the font size and font itself was spot on or very almost spot on to match the magazine’s style.

(Covers Unit 8 4.1)- There was no doubt that all my methods of production were effective this week since the tools I have used correctly and professional have helped to emulated a draft which I believe looks like it has come from the ‘Outdoor Photography’ magazine. On the flip side however, I know that there are one or two elements that could be adjusted when it comes to my final draft next week. These include- ensuring the line width is much thinner when it comes to the separation lines between paragraphs and taking more precise care with the measurements of the vertical and horizontal side page lines.

(Covers Unit 8 3.1)- One of the main and pretty much only targets for next week will obviously be to use my first draft to complete my first final draft for my double-page spread!  but this is just my own set target; because we had a short week this week, we have combined this week into next week which we will most probably discuss with our tutor at this time. However, I continued to fill in my progress tracker booklet the same as I have so far because it will help me to understand what has/needs to be done each week and it will probably help my tutor to update his feedback towards me for each week more fluently as well without getting too confused. (Covers Unit 8 4.1)- However, I did receive some feedback towards my first double-page draft, which he described as ‘clean’ and that the final piece should be very good in relation to it. This made me come up with another of my own targets which was to: start conducting the articles and text fr my final draft which will be incorporated into when I complete the draft itself next week- the week which I have set aside to do all of this in!


Final Major Project: Week 4 weekly progress

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