Final Major Project: Week 4 production log

This week of project production has been very much more like multitasking if you ask me. This mainly comes down to a number of problems I faced between now and this time last week: firstly, we had a bank holiday on Monday so we weren’t scheduled to be in college- which was no doubt a massive interruption to my production schedule. And to make matters worse for my research, my printer at home was faulty so I was almost completely unable to finish off my research portfolio as fast as I should have. However, after I did last but not least manage to complete my research, I spent the rest of the week focusing on the first draft for one of my double-page spreads- the one which would be the second in order of the two. Even though this one would be the second one the reader will read/come across, I decided to complete it first since I have now gathered all the research I need for it. But I felt that since this needed more consideration and care with organising my research into the article along with ensuring my referencing is spot on so I decided to pay more attention it it at first so I could still check up on it throughout the project where and when I have time. Including at the end for submission!

(Covers Unit 8 3.1/1.1)- Obviously, I created this draft using the software Adobe InDesign- which I will also be using for the remainder of my entire project since: it featured all the design tools I could ask for to help me emulate my draft according to my magazine brand and research findings. For instance, I knew from my research that the ‘Outdoor Photography’ magazine had elements in their spreads including vertical and/or horizontal separation lines between paragraphs and alongside the edges of the page (approximately 12.5mm from the page edge). However, this was an element which I hadn’t exactly considered thoroughly enough for my first draft. (Covers Unit 8 4.1)- However, this is no bad thing in reality because this promotes the whole purpose of a ‘first draft’, to analyse what problems and forgotten factors I came across and what I could do more effectively and include for my final draft which will be one of my final pieces. (Covers Unit 8 2.2)- However, the elements which I DID factor in were: the correct text fonts for each title, subtitle and those headings in page corners; where the fonts changes and to which one; width of each paragraph column in relation to those in the magazine and where everything else on my draft was positioned. I noted in each section such as the columns and other text boxes just what each would consist of content-wise.

Here is the final draft for my double-page spread:

FMP double page 2 draft

First draft

(Covers Unit 8 2.2)- Also, one other thing that caught my eye was that depending on which section of ‘Outdoor Photography’ it is, many of the photos are of an identical (if not) exactly the same size as each other. This also applies to photo comparisons on the same page/section so this is what I applied to this first draft. (Covers Unit 8 3.1)- This photo-sizing element was where I chose to use the measurement tool located at the top of the tool bar: I could type in my desired measurements in millimetres for both photos I wanted to use so that I could guarantee 100% that both photos were the same.However, this didn’t at all apply just for the photos; when I referred to the paragraph measurements before I used this tool to make sure they were of the measurement(s) that were in my research and the magazine itself. This measurement tool will also be my lifesaver when it comes to adjusting the page and paragraph separation lines into their accurate positions for the final draft.

(Covers Unit 8 1.1)- Every one of the skills involved within Adobe InDesign- including the use of InDesign- are most definitely used within the industry, as proved by my recent work experience; I this software being use by one of the other workers, which shows just how many areas of the media industry uses the skills I used his week just to complete a first draft for my  Final Major Project. Some of these include: Magazine design, newspapers (like my work experience placement), website design and advertising as well.

(Covers Unit 8 4.1/2.2)- In relation to the target audience for my final pieces and magazine brand, I honesty conclude that I have a few mixed feelings about this but mainly good ones. For example, I feel from just looking at the layout, style of the text and the page corner lines that it would definitely be a part of the ‘Outdoor Photography’ magazine- also from looking at the positioning of elements like the subtitles in their italic form and the drop-caps starting each article. However, I do feel that it looks a little bit too vague to be a proper first draft, mainly since all the appropriate text is not in place yet. But considering that I haven’t used the software in over a 4 month period and I had one day cut off my production schedule, I feel that this is definitely not my worst attempt with the software let alone this draft alone. (Covers Unit 8  3.1/1.1)- Because I hadn’t used the software for a considerable amount of time, I remembered that I had my blog post from the early days of using the software which outlines the tools available, how to use them and where they were located. (Covers Unit 8 3.1)- In addition to this, I have scheduled next week to complete the final draft for this so this is when I will have the whole week to conduct my articles and apply the required imagery into it. Those look like they’ll be my most time-consuming targets next week since I already have a firm grip with the tools and function of the InDesign so I can essentially go ahead with what I have essentially taught myself and brushed up upon last week!

Final Major Project: Week 4 production log

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