Final Major Project: Week 3 weekly progress

Overall, the work this week has seemed to be in slow but steady progress due to not the amount completed but the quality of it.

(Covers Unit 8 2.1/2.2)- For instance, I made a very solid start with conducting my research and putting together my research portfolio which contained all of my findings. Also, that fact that: I started conducting my primary research before the main project even began, I have related experience due to previous research and project units and having existing knowledge of the magazine publication I will emulate has allowed me to effectively carry out my research without any gaps of essential knowledge needed but a clear idea of how to layout my research portfolio- because of how I managed to professionally carry this out during my first final project. Also never forgetting that I managed to gather the information I required through my email interviews since I was careful to conduct open and neutral questions and (Covers unit 8 3.1)- I did one of them ahead of time to come up with a back-up plan in case I didn’t receive a reply within a certain time.

(Covers unit 8 4.1)- As a matter of fact, this research portfolio and the whole research process fitted in nicely with one of my targets which was to complete with my secondary research. I know for a fact that I have well over half of this half of the research. Although, I can tell you now that it will probably take me into my own time during the week because I want to ensure that i have all the relevant quality and amount of information to fall onto for my double-page spreads and opening cover.

(Covers Unit 8 1.1)- Looking onto the more positive side of progress this week though, I did manage to successfully carry out my project pitch- which was a major step since depending on the quality of my planning and how I intended to meet each criteria, these elements would determine whether or not my project idea was planned enough for me to go ahead with it. However, from how well my pitch went since I: spoke clearly and professionally with very few and unintended stutters, used appropriate body language and put the pitch presentation in a format that was for my tutors to understand and could relate as to how each criteria would be met. This method of presenting my project idea brought my attention back to the first term when I presented my research project; I had to ensure that I looked professional at all times and spoke loudly and clearly to ensure my information being presented made sense verbally.

(Covers Unit 8 4.1)- this leads nicely on to my feedback sheet and progress tracker I updated the day after the presentation. I was given the feedback from my tutor that my pitch was a ‘resounding success’, that it was well thought out and that my organisation methods are enabling me to be achieving a distinction grade. However, on my feedback sheet I recorded that after the pitch I was questioned on whether or not my target audience was more based around categories of interest rather than an age range- which I did agree with because since my project topic is based around areas of interest, it would make much more sense to have my target audience formed around that too. Even though this required some minor updating on my project plan and proposal, I could easily incorporate this into my production schedule with ease since it was a task that took no more than 5 minutes in total.

(Covers Unit 8 3.1)- In terms of my targets set for next week, they include: beginning work on the layout designs and getting used to my InDesign skills once again with the use of a few empty spreads- which all fit in perfectly with my  schedule for next week since it will be focusing entirely on the production of my first draft for my double-page spreads.


Final Major Project: Week 3 weekly progress

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