Final Major Project: Week 2 Weekly progress

In terms of ‘progress’ at this stage, even though we haven’t begun the practical stages of our FMP yet, I can happily say that this week has and will be probably one of the busiest weeks of the project for the amount of progress made.

(Covers unit 8 1.1)- Firstly, we were given the project criteria which we would constantly be coming across and ticking off throughout the project via different stages and methods- which is also when (as a class) broke each criteria down to understand what it meant and what elements we had to include and complete in our FMP. Using this, I used the rest of the week to complete the following documents: my criteria checklist, blog post checklist and, probably most importantly, my Final Major Project plan. (Covers unit 8 1.1)- This plan covers every little element of what my project idea is, (Covers unit 8 2.1/2.2)- research methods and how I will carry these out, (Covers unit 8 3.1)- how I will manage my time and record all my progress and feedback and also my target audience for the project.

This plan is vital evidence to my tutors but also myself that I know exactly what I’m doing for the next 9 weeks until the deadline (Covers unit 8 3.1)- which brings me on to all my checklist documents. I have put together a weekly schedule which outlines all the tasks that have to be completed by the end of the week along with what units they cover, along with a blog post checklist which features all that needs commenting on within them. In both of these I have constructed the content of them based around the demands of the project criteria so that I can provide solid evidence that I have completed them during the production and also for my pitch next week. (Covers unit 8 1.1)- This pitch will be presenting a summarized version of my FMP plan with all elements that cover all criteria within it. Like mentioned before, this will be pitched to my tutor in order to ‘convince’ him that I know my project inside out and how everything will be carried out over the 9 weeks but most importantly, how I will cover each and every criteria to a distinction grade standard.

(Covers unit 8 3.1/1.1)- However, I personally feel that these time-management documents are slightly more for my own use as with the project itself; if I have all of these documents at hand by the time I start my research next week, I can just have a look at them and get on with it without getting stressed and overwhelmed with where to start. I have also done these schedules in weekly orders so that once one week is over with I can make a straight ahead start the next week in college.

(Covers unit 8 4.1/3.1)- It not just the documents I’ve created myself though; I have also been given a learned progress tracker book which I fill in and discuss what I have completed for the week and any issues I may have faced with my tutor- including the learning outcomes I may have covered. This is where we also set targets for the next week and what my tutor has thought in response to my progress made that week.

(Covers unit 8 4.1)- I know that this week I have had very few short-term targets to work towards since this has only been the first official week of the Final Major Project. These included: ensuring that both my project proposal and plan are completed by the end of the week- which I did achieve! And also to finalise my blog post check-list by this interim deadline too- which holds the proof of this blog post existing every week. However, every week brings on the new opportunity to conduct new targets, whether they are as simple as making minor adjustments to work to getting an entire piece of work completed. Regarding the target we agreed on this week, they included: to obviously carry out my pitch for next week; to complete my secondary research altogether- with at least 8 sources of information for it; and to identify and justify all interviewees for my primary research. (Covers unit 8 3.1)- It was also agreed that we wouldn’t set more than three targets a week because I felt that it would help me break everything down more in relation to covering the criteria and allow much more precise focus on achieving each one to the highest possible standard. I did mention during this that I found all the separate elements of each criteria very overwhelming to deal with when including it in my FMP plan and other documents so this would also make it easier with paying more detail in achieving each one to a distinction standard.

(Covers Unit 8 4.1)- In relation to non-target feedback, I was told that how I was breaking each task into manageable amounts was positive to see and  that it was encouraging to see me asking questions about the criteria in relation to deciding what need prioritising and what I personally need to complete next and in the future. It was also commented upon that I needed to question myself on how my journalism was going to be authoritative and journalistic enough- regarding my topic. (Covers Unit 8 2.1)-  This was fairly easy for me to expand upon because I had worked out that this would tie in to my secondary research on camera technology, editing software and accessories for both of these. This did form into one of my targets to find at least eight sources for this area but since I will be doing this from a variety of sources, I will not be doing this process separately; I will be researching it all next week when I start producing my research portfolio. Although I have already made a start with some secondary sources, I do not want to become confused when criteria cross each other and with the organisation of research content. One major element I have to ensure is perfect are my Harvard references; if these are in the wrong order, it will immediately be assumed that I haven’t referenced them properly and could jeopardise my entire Final major Project.

Final Major Project: Week 2 Weekly progress

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