News Diary 22nd-26th February

The national newspaper the Independent will be producing its last ever print version of presenting the news as of the 26th March 2016 (1). This is a result of this nationally successful newspaper, which was launched in 1986 (2), becoming the first newspaper to become and show a completely ‘digital-only future’ (3). A number of reasons are justified for this move which will impact the business but also its readers massively. For example, as the company has had a number of highs and lows with profits and business- from at one point, 400,000 copies per day to the staggering circulation of just over 40,000 (4), it’s now believed that it will secure the possibility of a ‘sustainable and profitable future (5). Also, there is history if it becoming the fastest-growing online newspaper site. The proof is shown over the last 12 months with its monthly audience growing by 33.3%- resulting in 70 million global readers (6) However, this has come with its drawbacks; there will be approximately 75 journalists made redundant (7). the owner of the Independent Evgeny Lebedev replied to this, “The newspaper industry is changing, and that change is being driven by readers. They’re showing us that the future is digital.” (8)



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1, 5, 7: Armstrong, A. (2016). The Independent newspaper confirms an end to print production. The Telegraph online, available at: [accessed 24th February 2016]

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This kind of story is unsurprisingly one which will probably make history because it will have an impact on everyone who reads the Independent, works for the independent and also the reputation of the company. This is down to the fact that the company has had many ups and downs in terms of profits but due to the online version reversing this issue, it probably wouldn’t surprise many readers of the paper or these articles that the Independent is going digital-only.

Evgeny Lebedev, in my opinion is 100% correct in her statement, “The newspaper industry is changing, and that change is being driven by readers.” This is true because nearly all existing newspaper companies have some form of digital newspaper and/or method of obtaining the news. We now have the news almost at our fingertips since we can access them from our smartphones, tablets, iPads and computing devices. All this means that we can now gain immediate access to almost all news of the world due to our desire for it but also our constant reliance on the technology of our time.

News Diary 22nd-26th February

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