News diary 8th-12th February

After former BBC 2’s Top Gear hosts Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond ‘left the programme laat year,’ (1) The new line up has just been fully revealed by Chris Evans as to who will be joining him in the new series, including: motoring journalist Chris Harris, actor Matt Leblanc, F1 boss Eddie Jordan (2) and, the first female presenter in 15 years, racing driver Sabine Schmitz (3). However, the only previous member of the team to reappear on the show is the Stig (4) Schmitz responded to her new role as “the chance to both driving and filming was too good an opportunity to pass up” (5).


3: Greenwood, C. (2016). New Top Gear presenters revealed as Chris Evans joined by the first female host of the show. The Mirror Online, available at: [accessed 11th February 2016].

2, 4:  Sweney, M. (2016). Chris Evans confirms full presenting lineup. The Guardian, available at: [accessed 11th February 2016]

1, 5:  BBC News- Entertainment and arts. (2016) Eddie Jordan and Sabine Schmitx join Top Gear Line-up. BBC News, accessed: [accessed 11th February 2016]

As for this news story, this is almost the final  but ultimate sequel as to other related stories. For example, from the day that Jeremy Clarkson was no longer working for the BBC, the announcement of Chris Evans presenting Top Gear up to the present day in which the entire new line up has been announced. And even though nearly all these presenters have experience in the motor and/or racing industry, it has definitely made headline news for a number of reasons. Firstly, the fact that the new presenter Sabine Schmitz will be the first female presenter in 15 years is likely to be a shock to many people since throughout all these years, there have only been male presenters hosting the show- Clarkson, Hammond and May. Also, many people immediately associate this genre of show to only males. This all could be as simple as not being used to a female presenter in such a long time The previous presenters have also made history from the show in terms of the general information about the cars, presentation styles and even the humour they brought to it. It was these features which resulted in million of views per week or even pre programme aired! It’s basically what Clarkson, Hammond and May previously bought to the show in terms of humour, car information and what practical elements they have brought to the show for years and years that may make the audience somewhat reluctant to trust the new ‘Top Gear.’

News diary 8th-12th February

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