Progression week: Project summary

This week, even though it is progression and catch-up week, Carris and I have continued to focus on our to-do list for the week which is to send off our research proposal applications to Wildwood. This was more than simply planning our available dates, times and equipment we will be using; We received an attachment last weekend which contained our ‘research proposal applications’ which we are to send off prior to the interview being confirmed. This turned out to be a problem for me since the proposal contained an awful lot of information that wasn’t easy to understand and there was loads of it to take in. After reading it all, I was starting to think that more hassle was being put into this interview than necessary. However, I started to understand why this was the case when my tutor came to fill in his part of the application; He said that the Wildwood trust have many people and students carrying out research with them, from students of my age and course level all the way up to degree and PHD levels. This meant that the trust had to put all the research information on the proposal forms that applied to students of all educational levels and qualifications, even if it doesn’t apply to us at all- which some of it didn’t.

In addition to this problem (which was solved), I faced the task of figuring out a travel method for Carris and I to get to the Wildwood Trust. This was a complicated problem to solve because it depended on several factors: what day we were going to attend, if a member of college staff had to come with us. All these factors tied into each other and it was almost like multi-tasking and trying to think about one factor in relation to another. But after asking my tutor, he said that if we were to go on either a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday a member of staff would have to attend with us because they are the days we are in College anyway. Whereas if it was a Thursday or a Friday, then that need wouldn’t be required. This was when we decided that a Friday would be the best option for us for that reason. As for transport, I was also told that there are a couple of bus routes that stop right outside the Wildwood Trust. This was excellent news for us because it left from Canterbury City center which meat excellent convenience and access for us. I also found a very clear and understandable map online which has our ideal bus route on it. This meant that I could trace down, with the assistance of other maps, where we should get off the bus. The us route map was brilliant at this because it had Wildwood actually labeled on it.

Even though this was immensely helpful for us to know how to get there, I feel that it would be a good idea to take a journey on our planned route in order to fully know where to get on and get off and also because the route consists of: Canterbury bus station, Herne Bay, Whistable and back to Canterbury bus station. Also, both Carris and I know our own routes home from Canterbury so it won’t be a problem after the interview and we are carrying this out on a non-college day. This means we can go our own ways at ease after.

Although we have these problems faced on Monday cleared up, one problem which we have at the moment is the time of our transport such as what time we will catch it and what time we will be returning home. This problem, however, will not be able to be solved until we receive the go-ahead for the interview.

Once Carris and I had both completed this, I agreed to post them after college which meant that our main task for the week was complete. But this had to be postponed to Tuesday after college because we had to enclose a passport-sized photo for our visitor lanyards- which Carris didn’t have on her that day. Plus I needed to buy stamps before we posted the forms. But this was easily resolvable and we had them posted on Tuesday instead of Monday.

One thing we also did manage to complete on Monday was some further filming for our 2-minute video production. This was good news for me mainly because it meant that I didn’t have to change the booking timings for our equipment yet again! Also, we had used our shot schedule and shooting script almost as a tick list to keep track of the duration that each shot needed to be, the type of shot needed and the location of each shot. Although this was a massive benefit to us and even a time-saver with taking the shots, we did face more problems than positives with the whole process. For example, when Carris and I went to collect our camera and tripod, we were told at the last minute that there were no available tripods. This meant that ‘problem-solving’ immediately came into our heads because without a tripod, we still achieved fairly good results with very few shakes and wobbles. We did this by using park railings, benches, our bags and also a very steady hand- mainly from Carris.

Another problem we faced was the weather: very strong winds that affected not only the audio quality  but also the picture quality (especially with the piece-to-camera shots of us). we both resolved this by ensuring that the focus on the camera was spot on and that we faced the camera in the actual direction for the piece-to-camera of me so that my hair wasn’t in my face all throughout- a factor which could jeopardize the audio quality. On top of this, I had to make sure that my voice was heard over the wind in the shot, even if it meant retaking it a couple of times to make sure it was of an acceptable volume. As well as the violent wind we also had moments of light to moderate rain which was rather annoying because it meant that we had to arrange our shots around when the rain calmed down a bit. but when we did need to take a shot at that exact moment, we took it as fast but professionally as we could and then put it back in its camera case to prevent the camera itself from getting damaged from the rain.

As for the research applications we had to send off to Wildwood, Carris received an email from them requesting that we sent our applications digitally. This made wonder if we could even do that because they had our tutor’s signatures on them including our own. But Carris resolved this probem due to the fact that her printer at home had a scanner on it so she could scan our applications with it. Even though this was a great idea, it turned out that her scanner was broken so we couldn’t scan them as planned! This was when we both decided to send our applications by 1st class post anyway and email Wildwood to let them know of the situation.

As for a ‘to-do’ list, next week is half term so it won’t be possible for me to complete any actual production since I don’t have any of the required equipment or computer software at home. However, by then I would have posted off Carris and I’s research application forms to the Wildwood Trust. We can both certainly prepare ourselves for the interview as a whole via text and messenger contact. This will be relatively easy since I solved the main problem of transport and transport times and filling out the forms yesterday. But the time we have until the interview will give us a fantastic opportunity to make a firm start on the 2 minute radio piece and start recording the voice-overs for our video piece too. Starting these two elements would be very convenient for both of us because we can focus on only one element of the project (audio- even though we are applying it to the video too) and it gives us more flexibility when it come to booking out the zoom mics because we know that we have all week to complete the task and can figure out which task, in relation to it, we need to prioritise in completing first.


Progression week: Project summary

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