Project 2: Week 5 summary (Production)

This week, relating to our production work, we had successfully managed to carry out our interview with the Red squirrel Survival Trust. but before this during Monday, we immediately encountered a problem: The person from the RSST had sent Carris a last-minute email asking if another day would be suitable since he had a doctors appointment.

RSST Email

After carefully considering our options and times we would be available to do it without interruption, we emailed back asking if Wednesday was a suitable time for it. We received a reply later on saying that was good for him- at 2 pm. Even though this was a problem for us both because we had prepared our questions for it, it turned out to not be so bad because it would give us ore time to carefully prepare for it and to double-check that all our questions were all open and neutral.

However, come Wednesday, even more problems occurred right before the Skype interview: The RSST member’s Skype was not working so we had to resort to a phone call interview. Although, it did turn out to not be a problem worth fretting about at all in the end because whether it was a Skype, phone call or even email interview, we could have used any of them for any element of our project, whether it was the Radio piece, video piece or written article. In the case or phone call interview, it would work for our radio piece and our article. Even with all there problems and technical issues we faced, the interview was extremely successful- despite the fact that it ran differently than planned since my conducted questions weren’t asked. However, with the information we received from our interviewee, it pretty much answered most of our questions anyway such as: what other trusts they have connection with, what action they are taking and what the current issues are and future issues may be.

As for next week’s to-do list, it’s perfectly clear that our main task will not only be to start the filming of our 2-minute video piece but to also seriously start planning our interview with the WildWood trust, since we received the email below which had ‘proposal forms’ that we needed to complete prior to carrying it out.

Wildwood email

Whilst we both filled in what we can by ourselves and/or for our own parts, there are some sections in which our tutor will need to sign and double-check on Monday to see if our plans are all good to carry out and that he can guarantee our project plans meet the purpose of the interview.

For last week’s to-do list. however, we unfortunately didn’t manage to start any more filming for our video because of the fact that we still had uncompleted pre-production work to finalize plus we redoing the green screen shot that made up for the our-of-focus one last week. But next week, we should be able to start he majority of our outdoor location filming without too much hassle and probably start editing it up as well while we wait for our replies from WildWood confirming the interview and dates.

Project 2: Week 5 summary (Production)

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