Project 2: Week 3 summary (pre-production)

This week has been mainly focusing on the audio side of the pre-production for our project. The main focus was to know how good quality audio is produced with as little background noise and so that the voice(s) aren’t too loud, quiet or has any scratches in it. We practiced this by finding three different locations which all had different levels of volume- one of which was outside. This was so that we could gain an understand of how we could overcome the problems that occurred to us then during our recording for the radio element of our project. During the loud location, I turned away from the direction of the traffic and experimented with the positioning of the zoom microphone a couple of times to ensure that all of my voice was captured in that one take- this applied to the outside and the quiet location as well.


As for my ‘to-do’ list from last week, Carris and I have both completed the task of presenting our research ideas to each other and have even conducted and sent the email to the wildlife trust asking for a face-to-face interview. Even though this was a massive step in planning our video shots, it was very hard to do so without the confirmation/offer from them yet. However, we did make a start on doing so with the shots we could take outside anyway, whether the interview works out or not. Below is the email we sent to the Wildwood (wildlife) Trust:

Wildwood email

We have both also completed the task of researching the content of our project by splitting the topics between us and sharing our findings, which meant that we could not only conduct the interview email but also begin (what we could) of our shot schedule as well as the scripting for our audio for it.

The completion of last week’s to-do list has helped me form next week’s one, which will be to: Plan our travel method for if the interview email is returned (and accepted to us) and to finish the voice-over script as part of out shots schedule. I have taken on the task of filling in the shots over the weekend and I will present this to Carris on Monday to see if she agrees with it. This won’t be a problem if she doesn’t agree with anything because we can always make adjustments to it as we go along with the production of it- this is also because we haven’t had confirmation for the interview and are trying to work around that ‘vacancy.’

Project 2: Week 3 summary (pre-production)

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