News Diary 11th- 17th January

Music sensation and singer David Bowie has very recently died on the 10th January 2016 at the age of 69, due to an 18 month battle with cancer. This news was published not only across many forms of media but also on social media profiles stating the tragic event with statements such as “While many of you will share in this loss, we ask that you respect the family’s privacy during their time of grief.” as stated via a Facebook statement.

After this unbelievable news was confirmed by David’s Publicist, many fans have paid their respect to him by turning certain European and US websites into memorials, as well as paying their tributes to him in these formats.

However, David was one of those artists who combined his illness with his music- with the evidence coming from his music video ‘Lazarus’ in it is set in a hospital with a fragile David Bowie seen covered in bandages. This track was also featured in his final album, “Blackstar” which was released just days before the tragic day of his death.


For this story, the main points are that: 1970s musician David Bowie has very recently lost his 108-month battle with cancer and this was all confirmed via the media, news and social media. Many of his fans, family and even other music icons have paid their respect to him by creating memorials and tributes for him. Last but not least, he managed to keep his spirits up in a way by turning his last few days of reality into music, which is featured in his final album.

This story is definitely worth publishing in the news and across all mediums because David Bowie was a massive icon in the late 1960s and 1070s, plus he changed society quite a bit as well with the way changed people’ thoughts about certain elements of it, such as the gay community. The fact that he also turned his physical pain into music for his fans also shows that he was willing to carry on with what he loves in life most of all, despite the barriers he had faced along the way. However, I believe there is an argument to this; David Bowie was not the only hit musician to have passed away recently- rock legend ‘Lemmy’ dies in the same week period as David from the same cause. These were two great music icons in their era but there hasn’t been nearly as much news on Lemmy’s death as there has been on David Bowie’s death and not nearly as many of Lemmy’s music on the radio as David’s. This could possibly question whether it’s due to their popularity over their time and career or whether it could come down to favoritism by the media of today…

Another thing is that all of David Bowie’s songs were played on the radio AFTER he died rather than when he was alive or living his last few years. This seems very awkward because the radio are now making a massive deal of him when he’s died and when it’s too late.


News Diary 11th- 17th January

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