News Diary: 4th-10th January

Chancellor George Osborne has very recently warned the UK of the potential ” cocktail of threats” that are related to the British economy, which will be laid out over the next 12 months and are most likely to become one of the most toughest challenges to face up to this year. However, Mr Osborne claims that this is the responsibility of the economical problems within China, Brazil or Russia, along with falling oil prices or even the “political crisis in the Middle East.” Mr Osborne also told the BBC 4 Today Programme that a four-year plan was to be put in place to try and resolve the finances of the UK and to “to make our economy more productive, make businesses more competitive so they can create jobs.”

However, other people believe there are different causes for the crisis within the UK’s economy. For example, shadow chancellor John McDonnell believe the government’s  “failed economic policies” were to blame, “It’s a cocktail of his own mixture- failing to invest, failing to rebalance the economy, relying upon consumer debt to boost the economy for an election victory.”

Also adding to this, “He’s getting his excuses in early for the problems that he’s caused that will now unfortunately hit upon many families across the country, especially if interest rates are increased during the year.”

This news story is quite a complex story because there are so many factors contributing to it and a number of different opinions contributing to it. However, the main facts of this story are: that this year poses some threats concerning the British economy; chancellor George Osborne will be laying out these threats over the next 12 months along with a four-year plan to resolve them; and how other people are concerned with his proposals and how he is treating the situation.

In my opinion, this story is most definitely newsworthy because George Osborne has previously angered the UK public due to his plans on cutting budges for police services as well as cutting back on other finances for the population. And now that this issue has occurred, he is now proposing a plan to resolve this. This news story may be a bit confusing and even misleading in term of the topic itself because it has gone from one problem,(which was the cutting back of money for services itself ) and now he has introduced the threats of it all which he should have considered prior to even allowing the previous proposals to reach the public and news headlines. It may make the reader(s) come to the conclusion that George Osborne may not be a suitable chancellor to out country due to his lack of understanding that his actions have serious consequences to the rest of us and the proof comes from the comments about his ‘excuses’ and  ‘a cocktail of his own mixture.’


News Diary: 4th-10th January

One thought on “News Diary: 4th-10th January

  1. tomrowse says:

    A excellent news diary, Grace. Authoritatively researched, well written and most importantly, you’re showing a real understanding of why Osborne’s decision-making is important, as well as how the constant shifting in message on the economy can be – and is! – confusing.


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