Week 9- Newspaper page layout practice

Today, I have chosen a random page from a well-known newspaper and used the Adobe InDesign software to recreate it to look like the original. I have also done a critical comparison of them both (my one and the original)  and how I have ensured that my one meets the original one as much as possible.

newspaper page



The page on top is the one I created on InDesign. The one on the bottom is the original one I used to create my page.


Looking at my newspaper page compared to the original, I feel that I have done quite well in recreating it, due the fact that I have got many elements of it almost identical such as: the overall layout of the page, headlines and columns; the style of font and colours for the text; the content itself and even the measurements for my page on the software.

These are all of the main features I’ve had to recreate to make my newspaper page look identical to the original I chose, and as a result, I’d happily say that the do look pretty similar to each other.

However, I do feel that, looking at them now, there are some elements of my one that don’t quite match up to the original copy. For example, the pictures aren’t exactly alike but I had no way of gathering the exact same pictures from the original. Also, when it came to the sports results columns at the bottom of the page, I couldn’t fit all of the information in them without extending the number of columns- which could possibly make my version of the page not look identical at the end.

Week 9- Newspaper page layout practice

One thought on “Week 9- Newspaper page layout practice

  1. tomrowse says:

    This is a very good practice – throughout the layout and InDesign/Photoshop work on you blog you show a clear progression in your abilities with the software and ability to implement increasingly complex designs and ideas. Excellent.


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