Presentation- Research and report

I have received my verbal feedback from my research profile presentation which I have considered in terms of how I can improve my presentation skills, ability, knowledge and even my research skills in the future.

First of all, I was told that my grade was a high pass (equivalent to a grade A) and that I showed “excellent presentation skills” such as eye contact and use of gestures. Another comment I got was that I had “good knowledge of research and the pros and cons” alongside it too. I was also told that I was “very passionate” about my topic of the refugees too.

This kind of feedback (especially my grade) was quite a surprise for me because I didn’t manage to fit in all my information within the 5-10 minute limit, but the fact that my eye-contact, presentation skills and the content itself must have made up for that. But with the feedback i was given, I can relate to them a bit because i did make certain that I was as clear, engaging and as professional as I could be.

However, I have reflected on this experience and I have decided that to improve the way i present, I would time myself prior to the presentation so that I can work out how I can cut down on any unnecessary information but still cary across the point I’m being marked on.

research profile presentation [Recovered]


Presentation- Research and report

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