Progression week: Summary of term 1

Summary of term 1:

For the first term of our course, I have learned many different types of skills which all have different purposes in the industry and throughout different parts of our course.

During the term, we have learned how to create a magazine cover on the Adobe Photoshop software as well as a double page spread and newspaper front page using the same software; The types of video shots that exist and how to capture them using the professional filming equipment as well as editing these shots using the Adobe Premiere pro software. We also learned how to capture the best quality audio and also edit this using the Adobe Audition software; how to carry out effective research methods and types for a project/topic and also what types of research types and methods there are.

For the first term, I feel that I have had a lot of new skills and software to deal with. However, after looking into the types of job roles and responsibilities available in the industry, I now realise that all of these skills have their purposes to journalists. For example, the research is carried out by the journalist themselves which may involve collecting audio interviews and even editing it together using a similar software like I did with mine.

Since I want to become a journalist, I feel that having all these skills from the beginning will not only help me reach my career goals but also help me produce the best work I can throughout the rest of my course. I realised this was because having these skills will help me out massively when it comes to my project assignments because all I need to do is show that I can carry out the skills I’ve learned during this term within them. Plus, I am now free to experiment with different ways of carrying these skills out depending on my project and my intentions of what I believe will suit my work and even interests.

Progression week: Summary of term 1

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