Final project 1: Completed summary and evaluation

Final Project completed summary and evaluation

Final Project 1: Completed summary and evaluation.

For my final project 1, I was to create a magazine cover and double page spread relating to a publication of my choice. This evaluation will be commenting on my work with references to the industry, published examples, job roles and skills which would have been used during the production (making reference to the industry throughout).

First of all, I am happy to say that the process of creating my magazine spread and double page spread was a success in many areas, including the final output of both creations. Although, there were a couple of errors made along the way such as one of the research methods not quite working out and the fact that I was slightly one-sided with the research methods I was carrying out (more focused on the secondary research). However, these were completely outweighed by the number of positives that I experienced during this whole process.

One example would be the research, which I carried out before getting stuck into any designing because it helped me to gain knowledge of what I needed to create, want to create and what it needed to look like and consist of. Because of the many benefits it gave me, it was essential that I did this- and in the industry, it shares the same purpose and justifications. They also have to decide on which research type(s) and method(s) would be the best for a topic, just like I did. I decided to mainly carry out secondary research but a little later on, I decided to include some primary research as well to even it out but also add some uniqueness and make it my own.

Even though the types of research I carried out were the same as in the industry, the presentation of my findings were very different; I used a physical portfolio book to present my findings from actual magazine issues and online sources in. but in industry, they wouldn’t go about that because it wouldn’t be useful for the purpose of research and they simply wouldn’t have time. But for the research methods, they may do what I did and look at pre-existing sources of information such as online websites and news/magazine articles. In relation to published examples of my magazine brand, those who work in this job role for the magazine may also research the work of professional to include in the issue. Also, many people (professionals and enthusiasts) send in their work to be included in the magazine, so they may also have the role of looking through all the entries and selecting the most suitable/ best ones for the issue and depending on the theme of the issue.

Job roles in industry which would carry out these processes and skills would tend to be the journalist, because even though they produce the articles for a project, the research as well. I was basically this job role in my own project! This also applied to the role of the magazine editor (for the cover and double page spread) and even the designer for them. Both of these job roles apply to when I created my actual magazine cover and double page spread.

I mainly feel that both my final outcomes were a success mainly because of how effectively I’ve use the skills to create my final outcomes such as: carefully measuring the page sizes; using my research to incorporate the suitable pictures, content, font styles and features and also using the software tools to include all the features found in my publication.Overall, using the tools available on the software (Photoshop for my cover and InDesign for the double page spread) was the biggest skill I face in the whole project because two-three months ago, I had no knowledge or experience with either of the programmes. But now, I managed to adapt to them more and produce my magazine cover and double page spread to a good quality and to make the look as if they were published by my magazine brand. The software skills for both allowed me to: apply the correct page measurements, font/colours of text, pictures, columns and other features such as the lines between columns, etc.

The skills I used are definitely used in the industry by magazine editors and designers for popular brands out there because they are responsible for producing the magazine covers and spreads that we read, just like I was with mine.


Final project 1: Completed summary and evaluation

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