Week 10- News writing: different writing styles- tabloid.

Week 10- 200 word news story based on my researched topic (the refugees) in the style of a tabloid report.

Tabloid journalism is a style of journalism that focuses on the content of tabloid newspapers. Such content includes: celebrities/gossip, TV, film and entertainment entertainment, sports and is the type of newspaper that focuses more on pictures and colours.

Firstly, Tabloids are a form of newspaper that are more focused on the emphasis of populist stories, celebrity matters and the use of images and pictures. They are also more simplified than broadsheets and are often in a more plain and simple language. As a result, this kind of newspaper, tends to be the kind that exists to present us with more of the informal news and even gossip in some cases.

Tabloid style: (Example- the Mirror)

The Syrian war has taken its toll on the refugees who are now at crisis point and desperately struggling for survival.

Earlier in the year, PM David Cameron revealed that by the year 2020, 20,000 refugees will have been granted access into the UK.

There are many concerns over funding, health costs and employment rate due to the strong demand for refugees to be allowed in.

Mr Cameron said that is was “heart-breaking” to see the Syrian refugees trying to make their own way into Europe over the recent weeks, particularly in the conditions they’ve been travelling in and also the diabolical ways they’ve been treated.

Although Mr Cameron has described his plans as a “national effort”- especially towards young children and orphans, shadow home secretary Yvette Cooper requested that “Britain must also help other refugees who have made it to Europe.”

To add to this long-lasting crisis, the attacks that took place by ISIS on the 13th November showed that one of the attackers involved had transported in disguised as a refugee with eight others with European passports.

This sudden occurrence has resulted in a sudden urgency to tackle ISIS before more devastation happens or Syrians are made homeless.




After this, I have completed a comparison of different tabloid newspaper, comparing the orientation, layout styles and content of each one:


This tabloid newspaper comes from the Daily Mirror.

This tabloid paper clearly promotes that its content is mainly revolved around gossip and celebrity news, since it’s shown on the front page in black and white bold text and informal language. Other features used here include: Rhetorical questions, ellipsis and different fonts/colours of text to make the cover eye-catching. There are so many different fonts, headlines and colours on it that you wouldn’t really know where to start reading at times.

Some of the images overlap each other, such as the outlines of the celebrities on the cover. One even overlaps slightly on the main newspaper logo. This clearly shows  the informality and laid-back style of the tabloid which can even give the audience clues relating to the content of it.

Also, the main headline title is bigger and stands out more then the newspaper brand logo itself, which may make the target audience not pay attention to the kind of newspaper it is and just but it in order to read the main story.



This tabloid newspaper comes from the Daily Mail.

Pretty much all colour on the cover comes from the massive advert on the top of the page- and the photo but this had dull and cold colours. This is very different and somewhat more professional than the Daily Mirror, since the Mirror had almost all colour on its cover. None of the text or headlines are in bold or bright colours but it’s all in black and white and is bold in the size which makes it stand out in its own way.

Both he headline and sub-headline are very vague and contain 10 words or less each. The mirror does as well but it has very energetic language and punctuation in it.

The layout of this cover is very different to the previous one because even though it has the big, flashy advert at the top, the layout is very neat and in an order that is easy to understand and you can tell which element is what (the headline and the main article).



This tabloid newspaper comes from the Daily star.

This cover has a combination of the Mirror and the Daily Mail. This is because it has many bright colours across the page and the main headline is bigger than the actual newspaper logo itself. However, the positioning of the page features are clear and have no overlapping going on here.

As for the main headline, it immediately introduces the main issue of the newspaper in just three words. The language here is also very energetic within the main headline. However, it is in white writing on a black background to make it stand out, just like on the Daily Mail.


Week 10- News writing: different writing styles- tabloid.

One thought on “Week 10- News writing: different writing styles- tabloid.

  1. tomrowse says:

    This is a good post and a solid start to using different styles of writing. You have simply and effectively displayed an understanding of Tabloid reporting and style, and have used this to create a decent attempt at copying it. You’re obviously more comfortable with the Broadsheet style – which is no bad thing – the important element here is you show a real understanding of the purpose and style tabloids lead with. Well done!


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