Week 11- News diary

Syria vote: “Cameron and Corbyn clash over air strikes.” (BBC News)

During the debate as to whether military intervention should occur towards ISIS in Syria, PM David Cameron told his MPs that it would “keep the public safe” as a result. However, according to Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, Mr Cameron’s case “doesn’t’ stack up “and is likely to make the situation worse. But the action due to commence shortly was declared during a 10-hour debate with commons over the decision. Also, during this, debate, Mr Cameron had been faced with requests to apologise for referring to opponents of the military intervention as “terrorist sympathisers” and that “there was an “honour” for voting for or against military action.”


This news story has a couple of different perspectives and sides to it because from this, we know that David Cameron and Jeremy Corbyn both have very different opinions about this solution and there has been a recent say that Labour has been put under slight pressure to vote against the air strikes, just because of Corbyn’s personal feelings about it. But now that the air strikes may be going ahead, against Corbyn’s wishes, this news story immediately introduces some possible conflict between the PM and Labour leader. This may also be concerning news for the general population of the Uk as well because it means that we are technically at war with Syria now and it may make the readers worry over the future of our country and even whether our lives will be affected or not. All of these elements of the story combined and what different sides and perspectives it introduces are what makes this story newsworthy.


In terms of the best medium for portraying this news story, I believe that the TV and even the radio may be the best options for this because it doesn’t feature many numerical statistics or figures at all, so it would be easier to listen to and capture with the radio. It could even feature live vox pop interviews or speeches from the debates and conferences related to the story, making it sound more realistic and serious. Also, the TV news will be able to show footage from these debates and explain it to the audience in an understandable language. The footage will definitely back up any arguments and points to the news story.



“Gunmen kill at least 12 in California rampage” (The i newspaper- Thursday 3rd December 2015)

It was reported on the 2nd December that up to a dozen people were killed and up to 20 people injured in the occurrence of a mass shooting in San Bernardino, California. The police have replied that they are now searching for around three of the gunmen of the crime, one of the “heavily armed guardman” was believed to be wearing body armour and a ski mask. The public services, including the San Bernardino fire department reported that 20 victims were being treated and that 12 had been reported dead. President Obama had been notified of this shooting episode, along with the 350 other mass shootings in the US that have occurred this year alone.


This story raises an issue that has been on and off for a number of years now, which is the use and possession of guns in the US. Although a number of states have enforced strict laws about the possession and use of guns. However, this news story brings on many concerns to the UK citizens about the safety of, not just the US, but the rest of the world too because it may make them question whether or not the US is actually a safe country or not and, in many ways, promote America to be an unsafe country. This would definitely be aimed more at the American government rather than our own because it’s a reoccurring issue that hasn’t properly been dealt with yet. The only proof that it has been dealt with will be the number of mass shooting being dramatically reduced or completely.


For telling this story, I believe that an online report or the radio would be the best method because it is only a short story with very little statistics in it so these methods are normally very good at reporting short stories, even though this one is a story that is being spread at the moment and raises many concerns for people.


“Len Goodman ‘to be axed from Strictly in show shake up to keep ratings high’” (the Mirror)

As a result of the ‘relevance of the 71-year-old judge’ being questioned by Strictly Come Dancing fans, judge Len Goodman may be dropped from the judging panel of the show. The reason being that the producers are planning ways to ‘keep the show head of X Factor.” The 71-year-old judge has been part of the Strictly family since 2004, with one fan tweeting, “Remove sad old Len and replace with weekly guest judges like they do in the US version.” Len revealed that, relating to his replacement for the time, “Anton would be perfect to take over me if the time comes and I’m not too dithery to carry on- or if they decide they’ve had enough of me.”


This news story is vey newsworthy to those who are fans of Strictly Come Dancing, mainly because of how long Len Goodman has been a judge on the show. This is a sudden dramatic change for the fans because they will never think of the show the same way they always have and may even lose interest in it slightly. Any kind of news about this is a big thing to read about for Strictly fans, especially considering how long Len has been a part of the show.


This kind of news story would be best presented on the TV probably because the show itself is presented this way and it would be good to have it contain different shots from the show and even interviews to make it more official. However, other formats such as radio and online videos would also be good because they could still contain interviews and even vox pops but while still telling the same story.




Week 11- News diary

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