Week 11- Evaluation of skills learned this week

This week, I have continued my project in creating my magazine cover and double page spread based on a chosen publication. This week, however, I have used my Photoshop skills to create my magazine  cover using the Adobe Photoshop software. I used my secondary research I carried out to ensure that my magazine cover looked professional but also identical to the publication I have chosen. The skills I have used this week (mainly creating my magazine cover) are also the kinds of skills used very much in the media industry. such jobs include: Magazine and newspaper designers, graphic designers and webpage designers as well. Using this overall skill requires many different skills in order to achieve a perfect cover and use the software effectively. These include: removing all unwanted backgrounds from elements such as the logo and producing the required text such as the sub-logo. I also searched for and applied the correct background photo in relation to the chosen publication, as well as doing the same with the appropriate text.

The overall purpose of these skills was purely to ensure that I produced my magazine to the highest quality with professionalism but that it also still related to the magazine publication.

In terms of meeting my deadlines this week, I’d say that I have definitely met the most important ones which required doing most of all (the cover itself) but all I need to do is the evaluation of the final piece, comparison and process of doing it, but that should take me a couple of hours tops.

Week 11- Evaluation of skills learned this week

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