Week 10- Evaluation of skills learned this week.

This week, many of the skills I’ve used or learned are regarding my first final project.

Such skills included using my knowledge of research tools and methods to decide which was best for my project, as well as carrying out the suitable research. The research I carried out was secondary research because I wanted to gain a thorough insight to already existing magazines of the same publication I was re-creating and also of features of them such as the covers, page layouts, magazine content, pictures and the writing style. I presented my research findings using a physical portfolio book rather than as an online document. This was because it meant more of a practical use with the magazines and the content within them but also to present them in a more professional fashion. This kind of skill is definitely used within the media industry- not necessarily the use of the presentation but the way of carrying out the research. For example, jobs such as journalists, TV broadcasters and broadcast journalists and even radio researchers within the media industry. This process of research involved many skills I used which are also used very widely within the industry , which include:

  • Deciding which research method is the best and why it is,
  • deciding how the research will be carried out,
  • Carrying out the actual research,
  • presenting the findings in the most suitable method.

In industry, the findings will be analysed and may eventually appear in the report/article, just like mine will be for my magazine cover and double page spread.

The purpose of all these skills are to ensure that the final piece is of the same quality, professionalism and in the same format of the chosen publication, as well as the layout, images, colours and content too.

Week 10- Evaluation of skills learned this week.

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