Week 9- Jobs in the newspaper industry

This afternoon, we looked how our newspaper industry is changing in relating to the number of jobs being available and the increasing level of technology used within it. We also located three job roles using the internet and created an advert advertising one of the job roles we have researched. And finally, I have reflected on y ideal job role for my career and also on the experience and skills that I will require.

Firstly, there are many jobs that art involved with the print-journalism and these involve: newspaper, magazine and radio editor; the reporter and the journalist/researcher for a topic- the journalist also researches the topic themselves. The graphic designer, photographer/ photo journalist all play a vital role in the industry along with the proof-reader, web content manager, and even the website blogger. The editorial assistant, anyone in advertising, and the PR manager are all roles in the print-journalism industry.

All of these jobs can be affected by the changes that are occurring in the industry and below is an explanation and short note on how and why this is happening.

How the rise of the internet is changing the nature and existence of some roles and what they are being replaced with and how.

There is much more unemployment in the area due to the technology affecting people’s ability to earn a living (taking their jobs). Machines are now doing the skills what human can/used to do (language translation online whereas a human was required before). Speech recognition on phones etc. There is also an existing economy with a lot of production but not much human work, with ‘Robotics challenge’- robots with the skills to do a job. There is now word that the most important developments in human history are: steam engines /industrial revolution inventions that ‘mocked’ what had existed before. Economies run on ideas and the technological world becoming more transparent and more inclusive. Humans are freed up to do other things from the increased technology and Will reduce poverty and learn to live more lightly. It will make a mockery to everything that existed; Removing more redundant ideas; Saving time- journalists had to travel before but Skype and phones can give this information and the impact on society- making it more economical viable.

The way that technology is changing in our world and our world itself is having a massive impact on many things: the way we use it, what we use it for, the way we depend on it every day and even some of our job roles within any area of work but also the journalism industry. Firstly, the use of machines and mechanical robots are known to be raising the level of unemployment due to their abilities to do what us humans could do as well- including doing our jobs. This has been known to raise unemployment, redundancy and even people’s ability to earn a living. This was believed to soon turn our society into a place with a lot of production but not much work. However, there has been some known positives within this constant evolution: for example, as a journalist you was required to travel far away to many different places just to gain research. But now we have the internet, phones and Skype to get our information; we have voice recognition on our mobile phones/devices to help with work and reminders, not to mention the technological voice translations we now have whereas before, we always needed another human to translate for us. But apart from job role benefits, it means that we will have more free time for other things, will save time (particularly for journalists) and produce a more viable economic society and even produce more good quality good and/or quality of work.

All of these points prove that as journalists it means that we are required to be much more up to speed and up to date with all the latest technology as it is constantly and rapidly changing and the news is being displayed to us in all of these forever-changing ways.  We can be more financially and viable and efficient within many businesses and our own company. As a journalist, it frees up much more time for research, travelling to obtain research and also for video/audio-editing; technology nowadays is evolving to the point where we can now edit video and audio to a good quality on our computers, laptops and, in some cases, our phones.


Week 9- Jobs in the newspaper industry

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