Week 9- News Diary

week 9- news diary

The main focus of my news diary this week is going to be based around the Paris attacks that occurred last week:

The Paris attacks.

On Friday the 13th November 2015, the French capital of Paris experienced many deadly attacks that were carried out by, what was immediately presumed, ISIS. The attacks consisted of suicide bombers, gunshots and the death/murder of at least 129 people, along with hundreds of others wounded. They also took place in multiple areas of Paris such as bars, restaurants, a concert hall and a major football stadium- where a game was being played between France and Germany. One bomber, who detonated one of the bombs outside the stadium was known to be registered as a ‘refugee’ since his fingerprints were traced back to Greece. And although a number of arrests have been made to suspects of the massacre, one suspects by the name of Salah Abdeslam is the main focus for the police to find. His bother, Brahim Abdeslam was reported dead and the ‘suspected ringleader’ Abdelhamid Abaaoud was also reported dead as the result of a raid.

This is a recent news story that has hit the breaking headlines and been reported all over the media spectrum. This kind of event couldn’t get more serious because ISIS has found a way of entering Europe and into a country not far away from us, which may make the reader wonder what may happen to us if they access out country and if they will destroy our cities like they did in Paris. And also, the fact that they killed innocent people will have a huge impact on their families, friends, people who own the venues that were attacked and the whole country in general because they will think that the terrorist group will spread across the rest of the country. This story also questions the levels of urgency that the French government and our government also has against this because I personally believe and many others will also believe that they should have been much more prepared in case an event like this happened and possibly increased security for access into the countries too.

This news story has been displayed all over nearly every form of medium over the past week. These include on TV, newspaper and online newspapers. The reason for this could be because of the information being reported. For example, the TV can show footage of the events and interviews of the victims, police forces and government members. The newspaper, however, can actually provide us with more detailed information so that we can examine it more and read ‘between the lines’. And allowing us to come us with lour own thoughts and feelings about the attacks. However, this was useful for when it came to displaying the suspects photos on it since the reader could get to know who the members of ISIS/ involved terrorist were. Online news has been a massive part of this because there have always been constant updates to what the police have found out or what the French president’s plans are, etc. And there are always new subjects related to this everyday, so it allows the reported to quickly update the article whenever and wherever to keep up with the new topic and changing subjects.

This story has a number of target audiences: The families and friends of the victims/ people who died, the employees/owners of the venues attacked, the police (so that they get to know the suspects they’re hunting down) and also the government because they should know what exactly happened or is happening and how to deal with it. It may also promote the seriousness of the attacks and deaths and urge them to start coming up with a solution to the problem.

In terms of the best medium for covering this story, I believe that their isn’t really a best one because they are all used to provide different details, like ones listed above. And also, people would want to read about this story and its topics in their own way (online reports, videos, TV news) so it should be available in all these mediums for people to access. Plus it’s a story in such high demand at the moment that it can’t really afford not to appear in any of these mediums.



Week 9- News Diary

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