Week 8- News diary

week 8 news diary

Russians could be banned from Rio games over damning doping report” (the i newspaper- Tuesday 10th November 2015)

There is currently a high chance that Russian athletes could be banned from competing in the Rio De Janeiro 2016 Olympics next year as a result of doping and drug use according to a report revealed by the World Anti-Doping Agency (Wada). Due to the seriousness of the 350 page report, it came to the conclusion that Wada suggested banning Russia from competing in athletic and field events altogether. It also revealed that the London 2012 and the Sochi 2014 winter games were ‘sabotaged’ as a result of drug-use by them. The report also suggests that Russian intelligence was ‘involved in a Wada-affiliated laboratory’ which was helping the athletes get away with their doping and use of performance-enhancing drugs. Amongst the tactics used to hide the evidence were extortion and bribery.

This is a massive news story that is definitely worth publishing because doping is a huge issue as it is- with is bringing a huge disadvantage and dishonesty to the sport and not to mention the potential and long-term health risks along with them too. However, this kind of doping has been kept hidden from the public for 3 years now, since the London 2012 Olympics. The shocking fact is that the viewers and audience of the games will never know whether or not an athlete is on performance-enhancing drugs or not, so finding out that this has been kept quest for all this time kind of questions the level of security around this and whether or not the World Anti-Doping Agency are doping their jobs properly. Also, this news story may make the Russian sports fans, supporters and overall country feel let down because the athletes have actually let their own country down by cheating their way through to ‘victory’. This report revealing the facts by Wada will dramatically reduce number of Russian viewers on TV and even people watching the Games live too.

In terms of the best media for covering this, I personally believe that the television and TV news would be the best for covering this issue because the Olympic games are mostly shown on TV at the time anyway, so it would most probably make sense to show it that way. This also links to the fact that footage is often shown of previous sporting victories, winning athletes and shots from past Olympic games as well. If this was to be broadcasted on TV, then it would be most likely to show Russian ‘winning’ athletes from previous games and this is likely to explain the element of the story that tells us how long this whole scandal has been kept secret for. However, this could also appear on newspapers too because it is a story with lots of detail and elements to it so people can read and examine it a bit more. Where as TV can show footage and tell the story to us but it doesn’t really give us that time to sink in the information and generate our own opinions on it properly.

Pluto’s mysterious mountains could be ice-spewing volcanoes, scientists say.” (The Guardian)

Just recently, scientists have discovered volcanoes on the surface of Pluto that could possibly be ejecting ice. According to research, this investigation and discovery is immediately causing confusion and questions as to how Pluto ‘a tiny distant world’ has had all this activity going on about it. This week, New Horizon scientists will take a look at two of the new volcanoes that have been discovered on Pluto’s surface- each of which measure to over 100 miles (161km) in diameter and several miles in height.

This news story is in the news because, even though scientists are always changing their minds about how our solar system works, there are a few links to this; because ice is being shot out of the volcanoes, there must be some form of water on it and therefore, it could possibly show that some form of human or animal life may have occurred millions of years ago. NASA and scientists are always trying to find life on other planets nowadays and this news story is in the news this week maybe because of these links. It’s almost like they’re trying to make us guess why this story is in the news ourselves. NASA’s New Horizons scientist Oliver White said in response to this, “nothing like this has ever been seen in the outer solar system”.

as for the best medium for covering this story, I think that newspapers, including online would be the best for this because it contains a lot of scientific facts and vox pop interviews from the researchers so it would be a good idea to have it visually available so the reader can take in all the information about the topic.


Atkinson divorced for ‘unreasonable behaviour” (Sky News)

After 24 years of marriage, Actor Rowan Atkinson and his wife Sunetra Sastry have been granted a divorce due to the mentioning of ‘unreasonable behaviour’. And although the separation was reported last year, the divorce papers gave no available details to the public. Since then, the 60-year-old actor has been in a relationship with actress Louise Ford to this present time.

This story made it in the news this week because divorces within celebrities are always a big deal to many people, especially those who love the celebrity depending on who they are. And Rowan Atkinson is famous across the world and is worth approximately £85 million an any news relating to hi, his career or family would mean a massive deal to his fans, particularly in this event. And from this topic, we can tell clearly that this would be aimed at Atkinson’s fans and the general media as they’ll want to gain all the rum ors and write about it.

In terms of the best medium for covering this, I’d say that the radio would be best because this is only a short report with not much detail in it, since the divorce reports show little detail to the public. So therefore, there are no complicated links and parts to this report so the radio would be able to summaried it quite quickly and in a simply easy-to-understand way.

Week 8- News diary

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