Week 7- News Diary

 “Mental health equality call gets high profile backing” (BBC News)

A recent campaign has just been launched as an aim to increase funding for England’s mental health services, with over 200 celebrities already involved with backing up the push for these mental health fundings. However, they’re also pushing for ill mental health problems to be treated as seriously as physical health issues. However, the NHS are now ‘officially responsible’ for making certain that the quality of mental health care is exactly the same as physical health care. This campaign was launched by former health minister Norman Lamb along with Conservative MP Andrew Mitchell and former Labour spin doctor Alistair Campbell. The government have increased the overall mental health finding during 2014-2015 to £11.7 billion and during the spring period, and extra £1.25 billion was particularly used to fund children’s mental health.

This story is definitely worth making a front page story because it’s almost relating to the struggle the NHS is going through with funding and the quality of the care they’re providing (which has been dramatically dropping through recent times). This is due to the fact that the quality of mental health care is less than physical health care and now, somebody has finally realised this and is willing to do something about it. People reading this report and who are even in the position of a mental health issue would be keen to find out more about these statistics, since they probably wouldn’t have ever known mental health funding and care was well below what is required. The statistics also add some interests and, to an extent, shock as well because of home much funding is being increased when, really, it should have been increased a long time ago. But this campaign is big news because after such a long time of the financial crisis within the NHS something is being done about one of the segments of it, not forgetting over 200 celebrities supporting it too.

In terms of the best medium for covering this story, I’d say that print and visual formats are the best for this one because this report contains a lot of statistics which people normally like to take a close look at to examine and understand it better. Whereas if statistics were presented as an audio or on TV (which they are) then people may not catch them as much and miss important facts.


“John Lewis \Christmas advert: is this the most heart-wrenching one yet?”

as the battle between the Christmas adverts begins in this festive season, John Lewis have already unveiled their Christmas advert yesterday morning, which was posted online and on YouTube. This 1 million films is set to remind those to ‘remind people of those who will spend Christmas alone.’ This Christmas advert tells the story of a little girl (Lily) who spots an elderly man on the moon through her telescope and sets out to wish him a happy Christmas. John Lewis teamed up with Age UK in order to make this ‘tearjerker of a video’ in order to portray the meaning of it.

This topic kind of makes itself newsworthy because its the kind of topic which comes up every year at Christmas time. Many big major brand and stores are in competition to produce the best Christmas advert to promote themselves and they all carry across different meanings. Last year, for example, John Lewis revealed the ‘Monty the Penguin’ Christmas advert whereas Sainsbury’s had their advert involving the football game between the Germans and English. Everybody in the country get to recognise these adverts because they appear so often and appear all over the news too. However, its the fact that these adverts appear so often that people get to know about them and not necessarily the meaning of it. They tend only pay attention to the brand it’s promoting and the content of the advert. Also, these kinds of adverts tend to not have a specific target audience really because they are general department stores and/or supermarkets, but also everybody including teenagers, adults and children seem to recognise them and get to know them because of their frequency on TV and the news. However, online there are some facts which relate to the advert’s meaning: ‘Research shows that a million older people go one month without speaking to a friend, neighbour or relative.’ This advert is also trying to portray that it isn’t just trying to win the competition of Christmas adverts nut is trying to tell us some sad facts that relate to the advert too.

Overall I personally think that the best medium for telling this story would definitely be TV but maybe also o online news because this is a video advert being reported on and these two mediums would be able to shot some of the footage to the audience to remind them of the advert but also to explain it, give all the facts and news about it in general. If people are able to watch it using these mediums then they will be able to understand the news behind it more easily. But if it was to be reported on using radio and print, there is a high chance that people won’t get the full details of it or understand it as well since they haven’t been able to watch the video first.


“Russian plane black box recording ‘confirms bomb explosion caused jet crash’ killing 224 people.” (Mirror)

After the Airbus A321 crashed down six days ago in the Siani desert, a discovery has been made as to what has brought the plane down: a ‘black box audio recording’ confirms that a bomb was responsible for the tragic crash and death of all 224 people on board. According to an expert told the newspaper that no technical failures or pilot errors were responsible. But it was definitely a bomb which was planted inside the plane from outside. Since the day after the crash, the Russian, French, German and Irish experts have been working together in order to decode the flight recorders.

For this news story, this is a big issue because it was a massive shock for everyone to hear that the plane had crashed and killed so many people. However, the fact that this story reveals the truth that it was no technological faults at all immediately brings on suspicions; whether it was actually an act by Isis or something else. But this report affects people deeply because flights have suddenly stopped due to the crash and as a result, many people form Britain and the UK are stranded across the world and in Egypt. The plane crash has killed many innocent people including babies, children and elderly people and they have done nothing to deserve to die this way. The target audience for this report is aimed at many people including: The Egypt residents because they have many tourists stranded in their country, also the tourists themselves because all they wanted was to have a nice holiday but ended up in this situation which they haven’t caused. The family of the plane crash victims would be involved because they have just lost their loved ones though a tragic bomb explosion, and also the government because they should be having the determination to deal with the bomb planting and all the war that’s breaking out now. People who are planning their holidays and/or who fly a lot will have this report aimed at them massively because they will possible have to have their plans postponed or, at its worst, be scared to fly due to the bomb and the flights being stopped.

For this news story, I believe that the best medium for telling this story would be through a number of mediums including print (newspapers), TV and online because this story has many different details to it and I personally think it would be useful for people to examine the facts more and understand the whole story and what is being done to deal with it. This links to why I think radio would NOT be the best medium for this report because if it’s in a radio/audio format then people may miss some of the story due to the radio reporter speaking too fast or too quiet at any time. And as a result, the audience may not get what the report is about at all.


Week 7- News Diary

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