Week 7- Evaluation of skills learned this week.

Week 7- evaluation of skills learned this week

One out of many skills I have learned this week are how to carry out qualitative and quantitative research and why I might use each one for a different topic or purpose. I have also learned within this how to create my own way of gathering information relating to each research method. Whilst investigating these, it made me realise that these kinds of skills in industry apply to journalists and news reporters more than probably anyone because they have to carry out research for many different topics and they will have to decide which research method is the best for the story. Also, examples of these skills include creating questionnaires, surveys and methods of gaining the information, depending on the type of research being used; considering which method would be best and conducting the questions and ways of gaining information- also depending on the research method. Another example would include using the research findings and put it into a data format (only with quantitative research) because this creates statistics and possibly results in a more fact-based article/report. Each research method has their own purpose as well: quantitative is mainly used for a report that will give lots of numbers and statistics to prove the point of give the main information across. Whereas qualitative research is used for mainly gaining an insight to a topic in more detail and uncovering hidden truths behind it as well as investigating into what other people honestly think too.

Another thing I’ve learned this week is how to capture different video shots and edit them to fit into a one minute video piece using the Adobe Premier Pro software. I found out that more people in industry use this skill than I thought such as journalists (occasionally) but mainly news reporters/editors because they need to be able to fit all the shots in order to create a TV news piece that fits in with a specific time period or time slot. There are many skills combined together in order to achieve this one task: this included planning ahead with the shots schedule of which shots, how many and the duration of each one; actually filming the shots around the college and using the Adobe Premier Pro software to edit them all into their one minute piece. However, the filming of the shots had its challenges because we had to ensure that there were always a few seconds of extra film on each shot so that we could cut each one if we needed to and still end up with an adequate duration of shot. The purpose of all these skills, including in the Adobe Premier Pro software is to ensure that all shots are filmed of a clear and good quality and that they’re put together in a sequence that makes sense to the viewer, whether it would be a small video report, documentary or live on TV.

I have also learned this week how to create my own magazine front cover using Adobe Photoshop. This is the kind of skill which is very widely used in the media industry by magazine designers particularly because they’re the ones in charge of creating the front covers so that they suit the theme, brand and target audience. Photoshop requires many skills, from the professional designers and from me this week, including researching an ‘inspirational’ cover, using the various tools available on the software and editing/altering pictures, and as a result of this skills set, the magazine front cover will look professional and fit in with the theme and target audience too.

In terms of my deadlines this week, I feel that I have complete most of them apart from the 1 minute video piece because I have had trouble with the required files being accidentally deleted before I was finished with them. However, this can easily be resolved by re-filming the shots that were deleted, upload them to my computer software and applying them to my video piece in order to complete it.

Week 7- Evaluation of skills learned this week.

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