Half term news diary

  1. Two rashers a day increases colon cancer risk” (The i newspaper- Tuesday 27th October 2015)

    According to a report by the World Health Organisation, just 50g of processed meat can increase the risks of bowel and colon cancers; that’s only two rashers of bacon a day and also includes other red meats such as lamb, beef and pork. Statistics show that just 50g of processed red meats a day can increase the risks of developing thee cancers by as much as 18%. These are cancers which contribute to the deaths of over 16,000 in the UK and are also the most common cancer types recognised worldwide.

This is the kind of story which likely to apply to many people worldwide, even though it is a UK report because these kinds of foods and processed meats are widely available in many countries across the world, particularly in this country and the US. This story is definitely worth publishing because the statistics for cancer developments and deaths related to this cause are unacceptable and if people in the UK realise that this is one major cause of colon and bowel cancer, then it will reduce the numbers of cancer cases and improve everyone’s health dramatically. If this happens, the news might even motivate people across the nation and even world to change their health too. This report contained lots of statistics to present the truth but also had a balance to it. For example, when they spoke about the caer risks with processed meats they also balanced it with the health benefits too. This may make the reader relax a little and not consider the meats tp cause cancer 100% but to be cautious with them.

 “What a mess!” Strictly judge Bruno Tonioli slams Kirsty Gallagher after she slipped during her Charleston as dance partner Brendan Cole leaps into her defence.” (Daily Mail)

During the Halloween themed show of Strictly Come Dancing, sports presenter Kirsty Gallagher was shocked with horror as judge Bruno Tonioli was highly critical of her slip-up on the dance floor during her Charleston. “You made mince,eat out of that. What a mess.” said the 59-year-old judge. However, dance partner Brendan stood up for Kirsty when he replied to the judges, “She picked herself up, and that shows she’s improving and getting better whilst most people would fall to pieces.”

This is a story mainly aimed at fans of Strictly because it is a story relate entirely and only to the most recent show. It is a moment in the show which caused a lot of tension between the judges and the dance couple which, to a certain extent, causes excitement for the audience and viewer. Also, this kind of mistake in the dance resulting in that criticism could even end up with that couple leaving the competition, which is probably the biggest news for anyone who enjoys Strictly. Also, this news is aired all across the nation, so millions will see, hear ad read about it somehow and spread the word around too. This report also provides a balanced argument too; When Bruno Tonioli strongly criticises Kirsty Gallagher for her slip, her partner bravely steps in to defend her and actually provides us with some valid points and truths as well.


3) “Six million workers paid ‘less than the living wage’”. (BBC News)

The current living wages for the UK is £7.85 and £9.15 for London workers. However, a ‘worrying trend’ shows from data that amongst the six million UK workers who are paid less than the living wage, many part-time, female and young workers are most likely to earn below this figure. However, it appears that from April 2016 a new compulsory minimum wage of £7.20 per hour will be enforced to those ages 25 and above. This number will also be expected to rise to £9 per hour from 2020.

This news story is most definitely news worthy because many many people who are paid below the minimum wage so they’ll be keen to know from this story that they are amongst millions of others who are in the same boat too. And the fact that the minimum living wage is being raised it means a great deal to many because this has been an issue which has impacted them massively for a long time. But the wage will make a bigger impact because they are finally earning more and what some of them deserve too.


Half term news diary

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