Week 7: ‘Adobe Photoshop’ front cover practice

Today, we used Adobe Photoshop to redesign the front cover of a magazine. We firstly looked up an existing magazine cover and used the skills in Photoshop to create a cover similar to our inspirational one. After I had completed this, I wrote up an evaluation comparing the two covers, What skills I have used, What I have done well and what could be improved next time.

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My created magazine cover analysis

Magazine cover analysis.

The one on the left is the cover I created using Adobe Photoshop. The one on the right is my inspirational one I used to help me create it. I decided to use an existing cover featuring the country/pop singer Taylor Swift because she appears in many of these kinds of celebrity and fashion magazines, so I felt that I could use this as an easy piece of inspiration to create a cover that looks of a good quality but that hasn’t been created by professionals yet.

Examples of the skills I’ve used to achieve this cover design includes layering the images so that they are positioned in a way that fits the layout and looks professional. I did this by using the bar on the right hand side which allows all the separate layers to be moved behind or in front another image on the cover. All I did was move each layer bar up or down to suit where I wanted the image to end up. This included the ‘GLAMOUR’ title because I wanted it behind Taylor Swift like on the inspirational piece.

To place the images on the cover, I simply went on ‘file’ and then ‘place’ which then allowed me to select the images I wanted. I didn’t need to remove the background on the title image nor of Taylor because. The title image had a white background and I was keeping the cover background white anyway; to suit the theme of the magazine. And also, whilst searching for Taylor Swift’s image, I typed in ‘PNG’ as well, which meant that the image was already cut out and ready for me to place on the cover. This was a brilliant way to place the picture on because it meant that I didn’t have to spend extra time removing the background and possibly resulting in jaggered edges. But also, it came up on the page in a high quality and extremely clear: with non-PNG pictures, I had to remove the background and it came out very fuzzy and of a poor quality. I also added a barcode at the bottom of the cover in the same way I did the other two images. This was to make the magazine cover look more realistic and like something you’d actually find in a shop.

For the text, I used the text tool button on the left hand side of the page to draw a text box and type the text I required. However, to change the font and size of the text, I used the tools on the top tool bar to do so. To change the colour I used the colour charts on the left hand too bar to choose and adjust the colours I wanted. I did decide to keep some fonts to the theme of Taylor Swift to make the magazine more ‘official’. But I also change some of the colours and fonts of the text to make them stand out more and relate a tiny bit to my inspiration.

Looking over my work, I feel that I have done really well because my magazine cover looks clear, professional and easy to read. However, I feel what I have achieved most out of this is overcoming some of the troubles I faced while creating this. Like remembering some of the tools and correcting the pictures. I had real difficulties with almost every picture turning out fuzzy and blurry but after discovering the little ‘PNG’ trick, I was able to gather the image I needed and make the overall layout of the cover look much more professional. I also feel that the fonts and colours of the text dotted around the cover look good and like the inspirational piece too.

However, if there was anything I could improves on it would be experimenting with different background colours. But I didn’t have the tool on the software available, so this was much more challenging to achieve. Maybe if I used another computer then it will possibly have this tool. Also trying out different colours with the text would be useful because I feel like I’ve played it ‘safe’ with it this time by choosing colours which go together. But maybe next time, it would be good to take a look at different colour combinations.

Week 7: ‘Adobe Photoshop’ front cover practice

One thought on “Week 7: ‘Adobe Photoshop’ front cover practice

  1. tomrowse says:

    Most interesting to see how your design skills between this and your final piece have improved. Very good to see; this is by no means a bad attempt, but your output is far more professional by the time of the final piece, just 5 weeks later.


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