Week 4: Evaluation of skills learned this week.

The skills I have learned this week are:

Identifying all the different shot types within a news report, like the BBC Syrian news report we watched. These are the kinds of skills used by many workers in the media industry such as news reporters, news production teams and even presenters working on TV news because they’ll need to know why they are using a specific shot and how it will effect the viewer watching it. These skills wold definitely be used on TV most of all because these are camera shots specifically used for TV news and to ensure that it is as clear as possible and so that the sequence of the story makes sense. Overall, the purpose of these skills is like I mentioned before: to ensure that the viewer watching the news can understand what it going on and that the sequences and shots are clear enough to see.

Another skill I learned this week is how to record and edit my previously written radio script in order to produce the audio part of my radio piece. Many people in industry use these kinds of skills such as radio presenter/reporters who tell us the news on the radio, radio editors and even journalists themselves because once they get the information and write it out, they then have to record it for the night of broadcast on the radio. Another skill which is related to these includes (particularly for journalists) carrying out vox pop interviews on the streets because that almost always involves  recording the interview/conversation. The overall purpose of these skills is to make certain that the best quality of audio possible can be produced by the news/radio team in order to deliver it to the people listening to their radios at home.

In terms of my deadlines, I know that I have completed everything I need to, with an exception of the edited radio piece because I haven’t always had good access to the editing software (Adobe Audition CS6) and I have had errors the audio files going missing from my already-begun saved file. However, I know that I can easily complete this by spending an afternoon on it and ensuring that my computer has the system that works without any problems.

Week 4: Evaluation of skills learned this week.

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