Week 5: News diary 4

week 5- news diary 4

Week 5: News diary 4.

  1. TalkTalk hit by cyber attack and ransom demand.” (The i Paper- 24th October 2015)

    A major Cyber attac has been hit at international telecoms company TalkTalk, resulting in the hacking and theft of millions of customers’ personal details, addresses and bank account information. The company had said,in response to being named as Europe’s biggest known data breach in 6 months of this year, that it could have done more ‘in hindsight’ to protect everyone’s private information. Dido Harding, chief executive of TalkTalk said, “with the benefit of hindsight. Were we doing enough? Well, you’ve got to say that we weren’t and obviously we will be looking back and renewing that extremely seriously.”

  1. Couple who lost £8,000 savings after impostor pretending to be TalkTalk employee hacked their bank account.” ( The Daily Mail)

    Retired couple Barbara and Harold Manley had their bank account cleared out of around £8,000 after an imposter- pretending to be a TalkTalk employee, cliamed that they were ‘in line for a £200 refund’. The call occurred this Tuesday but after Mrs Manley found out that she had been overpaid by an extra £5,200, the impostor wanted her to return the money of £4,900. However, two days later, a further £3,000 had be stolen from her account, including the agreed amount.


  1. Barclays customers left without cash due to bank glitch as clocks go back.” (Mirror online)

    During Saturday 24th October, customers of Barclays bank all experienced trouble getting cash from their accounts, including being unable to used debit cards and online banking due to a system glitch just after the clocks changed. ‘The work- which related to the changing of the clocks-did not cause the problem but it meant systems took longer to be restored.’ Barclays said in response to this recent glitch.


Week 5: News diary 4

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