Week 4: Step by step of radio interview.

This afternoon, we looked at how radio reports and interviews are conducted. We looked at a video from the BBC of the process of conducting a radio interview and report and took notes of this in their occurring order. We then discussed as a class why each of these steps exist and why they appear in their specific order.

Step guide- radio news piece

Steps for radio interviews:

There are many steps for conducting an effective radio interview. This is because all the information is going to be voiced across the nation and all aspects of it should be perfect. But in order to do this, all of the following steps should be carried out:

Firstly, a brief is given to the journalists/reporters giving them an outline of the story. This is often done by the editor or producer. The reporters then make phone calls to the officials of the story. This is to arrange possible interviews and gain vital primary research. Whilst the reporter is out, they will need to bring with them equipment to carry out the interviews. These include laptops, microphones and zoom microphones too. The next step is to research the interviewees and identify their location in order to organise the interviews. What is needed after that is to organise a meeting with the interviewee so that a pre-recording can take place. Once the recording is done, the reporters will edit the audio(s) and produce the script so that it will all fit in with the time slot. The editors will then check the script for any errors or cut that need to be done. The reporter will then record the piece outside in the open environment so that the recording sounds more realistic. After this step has been completed, they will play it back to see if the sound quality sounds good enough. The producers will then play it back to see if it sounds a good enough quality and that day, the piece will be played live on the radio.

Week 4: Step by step of radio interview.

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